2021 Heavy Construction Trends & Opportunity

How to do more with less in an uncertain year

Solutions Summit Pillars

The 2021 Solutions Summit by HCSS covered the following topics


Coming into 2021, there is a lot of uncertainty in the political, economic, and competitive environments of the heavy construction industry. We gathered insights from construction industry leaders who are looking at the market trends for the year, what opportunities or threats they hold for businesses, and the impact of COVID-19. Be prepared to do more with less, to stay nimble, and to 2021-proof your heavy construction business by equipping your employees with the tools and data they need to work efficiently and make great decisions.

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Bid More Competitively Without Sacrificing Profit Margins

Bid More Competitively Without Sacrificing Profit Margins is defined by the equation:Profit = (Market Opportunity Strategy) + (Protection Against Profit […]

Solution Summit Presentations

The presentation slides from the sessions, including what’s ahead in the transportation industry, tips for improving the productivity of the field and office, safety culture-building advice, and how to build a company that is 2021-proof.



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