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    HCSS Resources

    If I have multiple divisions, do they all have to be set up the same?

    If you purchase a HeavyBid Enterprise license, then each division of your company can have its own code libraries with […]

    HCSS Resources

    If I’m not an infrastructure contractor, will HeavyBid be a fit?

    Maybe. HeavyBid saves the most time for companies whose estimates include a lot of resources, crews, alternate construction methods, and […]

    HCSS Resources

    Will HeavyBid run on the HCSS Cloud?

    Yes. With HCSS Cloud, HCSS takes care of system hardware, backups, and updates while giving you completely secure data and […]


    Use Alerts to Stay On Top of Your Fleet Maintenance

    Set alerts for certification and licensing, due dates, inspections, insurance, preventive maintenance, and more.

    Make Smart Fleet Management Decisions

    See utilization rates, remaining equipment life, and equipment cost to make informed budgeting and equipment purchasing decisions.

    Quickly Review Time Cards and Work Orders

    Review, approve, or reject time cards easily and see important time card information like equipment accounts and work and item […]

    HCSS Safety

    HCSS Resources

    Does HCSS have a 12-month money back guarantee on HCSS Safety?

    Yes. HCSS is committed to your success with all of our software. Even though HCSS Safety is sold based on […]

    HCSS Resources

    How can I justify the ROI of HCSS Safety to my boss?

    HCSS Safety will return your investment with proven savings in insurance premiums, and it dramatically improves the thoroughness and efficiency […]

    HCSS Resources

    How long does HCSS Safety Implementation take?

    HCSS Safety Basic implementation typically includes between 20 and 30 hours of telephone assistance, project management, and on-line courses spread […]