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What is FuelerPlus?

With all the different systems you need to capture data from different resources, managing fuel and fluid consumption can be a challenge. FuelerPlus gathers data from all of those systems for you and delivers it in an intuitive, reportable format.
HCSS FuelerPlus - Showcase

Fuel Management Software

Track every drop of fluid across your company.

Key Benefits

  • Get more accurate fuel and fluid tracking for fuel trucks and stationary tanks.
  • Replace paper fuel tickets by sending data directly to accounting.
  • Know what you’re using and how much you’re spending.
  • Connect to vendors by importing and managing fuel card data in one system.
  • Gain control of your fuel expenses to avoid year-end fuel adjustments.

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Why You Need FuelerPlus

HCSS FuelerPlus gathers data from all your different systems and delivers it to you in an intuitive format.
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Easy to Read

Your company’s fuel transactions are displayed in one place.

Manage Activities

Capture everything your fuelers do, including topping off fluids and servicing equipment.

Report Accurate Costs

Fuel and fluid purchasing and usage data is exported directly into your accounting system to eliminate double entry and improve accuracy.

How Companies Use FuelerPlus

Replace Paper Tickets

Scan barcodes, perform violation checks, and enter time cards, then submit info directly to accounting with one click. Point and click to add, move, or delete crews and equipment.

Analyze Data Across Fuelers

Use the dashboard to track costs, see missing data, analyze distribution trends, and see where you need to call in orders.

Make Smart Asset Decisions

Compare actual versus estimated fuel consumption to spot fuel hogs and make smarter purchasing and maintenance decisions.
HCSS FuelerPlus - Dashboard

Where FuelerPlus Fits In

FuelerPlus streamlines your operations by integrating directly with the other software you use to run your business.

Integrate with Accounting

Send fueler time cards to payroll and fuel costs and usage data to accounting to manage the budget.

Manage Your Shop

Send fueler time cards, setups, meter readings, and tasks to Equipment360 to make smart asset management and maintenance decisions.

Connect to Vendors

Integrate with your fuel card vendors to import data and manage cards in one system.

Manage Operations

Record job site fuel distribution on your HeavyJob time card and sync it with FuelerPlus, and send fuel consumption rates to HeavyBid for more accurate estimating.
FuelerPlus - Where It Fits In

The Features You Need

Take the Pain Out of Fuel Tracking

Barcode Scanning

Fuel Distribution


Work Offline

Violation Checks

Trend Lines

Fuel Level Monitoring

Sync with HeavyJob, Equipment360, HeavyBid, HCSS Dispatcher

Fueler Time Cards

Custom Reports

Actual vs. Estimated Fuel Consumption

Third-Party Vendor Integration

Manager Dashboard

Report Templates by Fuel Type, Equipment, Fueler, or Location

Meter Readings

Export to Accounting

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some key questions you may have regarding FuelerPlus or HCSS.

What is FuelerPlus?

Designed to eliminate paper reporting, FuelerPlus helps you better manage your fuel and fluid consumption.

How much does FuelerPlus cost?

Pricing for FuelerPlus software and training varies greatly and is tailored specifically for each customer. However, there are some basic numbers you can use to gather a quick budget estimate.

How many licenses should I buy?

The number of FuelerPlus licenses your organization should purchase depends on your company size and number of users. Your company’s license mix is customizable to suit your needs in the office and the job site.

Will it work with other HCSS software?

HCSS has created direct interfaces between FuelerPlus and most accounting systems used by construction companies large and small.

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