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The HCSS Master Class series is an opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain critical insights about not only HCSS software, but best practices for your current or desired job role. You will learn to tackle unique business challenges and will participate in lively discussions with a small group of your peers.

Four days of instruction at HCSS headquarters

Knowledgeable instructors with years of industry experience

Additional support and training via webinars

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Instructor Spotlight

Ron Egge, Former Chief Estimator at Granite Construction

Ron has more than 34 years of heavy civil estimating experience and has been using HeavyBid since 1988. As a former chief estimator, he has bid up to $1 Billion dollars a year and managed a team of 20 estimators. He has managed joint venture estimates up to $600 Million and has extensive experience with implementing HeavyBid in medium to large companies, including Granite Construction.

Lesson Plan

Day 01


  • Introductions
  • Bid Process – Review the five steps of the bid process and how to optimize each one.
  • Risks – Discuss the risks of estimating and how to handle contingencies.
  • State of HeavyBid – Discuss current and upcoming HeavyBid features with HeavyBid Product Manager Greg Keenan.
  • Preferences – Preferences are essential for clarity, system setup, and consistency between estimators.
  • Master Estimate – Building a comprehensive, estimator friendly code structure benefits both estimators and reviewers.

Day 02

Codebooks and Estimate Entry

  • Review of Day 1.
  • Set-Up and Manage Estimates – Setting up numbers and filters, backing up, and archiving is critical for estimating, review, and bid closing.
  • System Files – Discuss how to create well-thought-out system files to improve accuracy and productivity and reduce errors.
  • Biditems – Learn about all the different biditem types and features.
    Activity Entry – Learn best practices for entering activities into the bid.

Day 03

Estimate Entry

  • Review of Day 2.
  • Haul Estimating – Discuss how to consistently estimate this major risk area.
  • Query and Editing – Using search and filters can help you see a big picture view of estimate data and evaluate job risks.
  • Estimate Review – Learn best practices for estimate review, including the ability to prioritize your focus on important issues rather than minor problems.
  • Bid Day Prep – Discuss how to be ready to address any bid day issues, whether expected or unexpected.
  • Bid Day Quote System – Making all bid day adjustments through the quote system allows for tracking of changes and eliminates errors inherent in other methods.

Day 04

Estimate Review and Bid Closing

  • Review of Day 3.
  • Bid Day Pricing & DBEs – Develop a process for all bids to eliminate confusion on bid day.
  • Proposal Submittal – Pick up best practices on submitting your proposals from other attendees in an open discussion.
  • Bid Day Proposals – See how to design and present your proposals for private clients.
  • Advanced Features – Discuss other advanced features that can add value without complicating the bid process.
  • JV Estimating – Learn unique estimating techniques used to bid large joint venture projects.
  • Final Thoughts

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