Take back control of your equipment

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Get a 360-degree view of your office, field, and shop.

Preventive maintenance, time cards, work orders, and more at your fingertips with construction fleet maintenance software.

PM Alerts

Never miss scheduled preventive maintenance again for longer-lasting, better-performing equipment.

Instant Requests

Inspecting or using a machine and notice an issue? Anyone can submit maintenance requests on-the-fly.

Work Orders

Create and assign detailed work orders in 2 clicks to track equipment history, costs and performance.

Time Cards

Easy to submit, review, approve and reject from anywhere. Integrates with your accounting system to remove double-entry and make payroll easier.

Join the Ranks of Other Growing Fleets

Catch up on PMs

We’re actually caught up and on schedule now…instead of running behind on our PMs.”

David Boatman

Equipment Asset Manager

Drewery Construction

Increase uptime to 93%

Our equipment utilization is at 93% uptime. We couldn’t even measure it before.”

Sean Whitehead

Equipment Manager

FCS Construction

Make buying & selling decisions

It tells me everything I want to know about the machine – did it make money or did it lose money?”

Tony Pellecchia

Equipment Manager

Lecon Inc.

Gain wrench time

It’s increased our wrench time quite a bit…probably 30%”

Kelly Webb

Logistics Manager

S.T. Wooten Corp

Balance workloads

It gives you a true snapshot of what [the mechanic’s] workload is.”

Bill Casault

Shop Manager

Bear Creek Contracting

Go from “zero to 60”

To be able to jump into this and write and close 9,000 work orders; I’m very proud of that.”

Michael Straud

Master Mechanic

Goodfellow Bros., Inc.

Improvements for Everyone on Your Team

Owners & Executives

Owners & Executive

  • Make data-based buying & selling decisions.
  • 24/7 visibility of the health & profitability of your growing fleet.
  • Happier employees that get more done & actually like their fleet maintenance software.
Equipment Managers

Equipment Managers

  • Alerts for PMs, certifications, warranties & more. 
  • Intuitive work order management and balanced workloads.
  • Data that backs up your shop decisions & requests.
Project Managers

Project Managers

  • Equipment insights to stay on budget & on task
  • Confidence in accuracy of costs when budgeting
  • Earlier “heads up” of snags in the plan


  • Know exactly which work order is priority in real-time.
  • Mobile access to all the info you need for the job. 
  • Less paper-pushing, more wrench time.


  • Payroll in minutes instead of days.
  • More accurate costing to communicate with the shop.
  • Data-backed asset management decisions to improve the bottom line.
IT Professionals


  • Options to host on premise or securely in the cloud.
  • Clear outline of server and workstation requirements.
  • Thorough training and support for all parties so everything runs smoothly.

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Ensure All Your Software is “Talking”



Export time cards, equipment costs, part expenses and more to your existing accounting software.

HCSS Telematics

See nearby equipment with open work orders or upcoming PMs and automate meter readings.
HCSS Safety

HCSS Safety

Notice an equipment issue during inspections? One click and the shop is alerted with all the details.
HCSS Dispatcher

HCSS Dispatcher

Receive scheduled equipment, locations, foremen, and meter readings for job schedules.


Track one of your biggest expenses. Pull fueler time cards, receive setups, dispense and more.


Compare job hours from time cards to equipment run hours to see utilization and idle rates.

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What is Equipment360?

Equipment360 shop management software tells you what to do before you need to do it, and provides your mechanics with all the information they need to effectively maintain your equipment fleet.

Equipment360 sends you alerts when maintenance needs to be performed, when warranties and registrations expire, when inspections are due, and when parts inventory is below desired stock levels.

The Mechanic Planner allows your shop foreman to see every mechanic’s work order status and allows them to turn alerts into work orders in three clicks, dragging and dropping work orders to assign them to mechanics.

Mechanics can also work remotely on the job site and interact with work orders using the Equipment360 Mobile Mechanic system on an iPad to enter time, parts information, service readings, and notes. The mobile system provides detailed equipment history and automatically builds time cards, allowing your mechanic to send the information directly back to the shop electronically.

Equipment360 also organizes all the paperwork and information your shop receives and creates on a daily basis, allowing you to sort and run reports electronically. Built-in templates and automated meter readings allow you to schedule preventative maintenance ahead of time, maintaining your fleet more efficiently.

See Equipment360 user options »

Connect directly with your accounting system to avoid double entry and save time in the payroll process, and integrate with the other HCSS software you use to run your business to make your entire job cycle more efficient. Data is accessible between products, reducing manual entry and increasing productivity.

How do I host Equipment360?

Choosing the right license structure for your organization is an important part of your Equipment360 purchase process. Whether your company is a small sole proprietorship or a large multi-divisional corporation, Equipment360 has a license structure that fits your organization.

Network Hosting

Your company can host Equipment360 licenses and data on your company’s server, allowing for multiple users to be in the system at one time and have access to the same data. Equipment360 Manager licenses are shared and can be used concurrently. The total number of licenses represents the maximum number of users who can be logged into the Equipment360 Manager system at the same time. Equipment360 Mechanic and Mobile Mechanic licenses are individually named per user, so the license belongs to the individual and can travel from device to device.

HCSS Cloud-hosted

Instead of clogging up your IT department’s resources, allow HCSS Cloud Services to host your Equipment360 licenses and data on our highly secure servers. We’ll take care of all the technicalities behind the scenes, including security maintenance, data backups, and HCSS product updates. All you have to do is connect to your HCSS products through an internet connection on any device. Equipment360 Manager licenses work like a standard Network version, allowing multiple users access to the same jobs at the same time. Manager licenses are shared and can be used concurrently. The total number of network licenses represents the maximum number of users who can be logged into the system at the same time. Equipment360 Mechanic and Mobile Mechanic licenses are individually named per user, so the license belongs to the individual.


Our Enterprise version allows companies with multiple business units to share Equipment360 Manager licenses, while maintaining completely separate data sets. Fleet managers can see data across the entire organization to report against all business units, which are managed independently. However, each business unit sees only the assets, jobs, and employees that matter to them. Equipment360 Manager network licenses are shared and can be used concurrently. The total number of licenses represents the maximum number of users who can be logged into the system at the same time, across all divisions. Equipment360 Mechanic and Mobile Mechanic licenses are individually named per user. The license belongs to the individual.

See the different Equipment360 versions »

How do I get my company up and running with Equipment360?

HCSS offers two ways to implement your new shop management software, and both are designed to get your company up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible.

In most cases, HCSS recommends our traditional onsite implementation. This process includes two days of workflow design and training at our campus in Sugar Land, Texas, followed by two days at your company. We’ll discuss your time card and equipment reporting procedures and goals, review current processes, build improved workflows, help you plan your rollout, and train your users.

The onsite implementation includes Planning, Implementation, and Post-Deployment phases. During the planning stage, you will work with a dedicated HCSS Professional Services team to create an assessment of your company and define your implementation scope and requirements, as well as install your new software. The Implementation stage involves reviewing old and creating new processes, performing solution work-throughs, and creating integrations with your accounting software. In this phase, you will create action items, define requirements, and perform user testing until the entire software system is up and running. In Post-Deployment, you will receive follow-up calls from Professional Services, as well as continuous education and technical support from HCSS.

For those who cannot come to the HCSS campus, there is also an online implementation option. This shortened version of our full, onsite implementation includes the same process review and design and will involve regular check-ins via phone call and webcam.

Who Is Involved

Regardless of how you choose to implement your new software, HCSS and your key stakeholders will participate in status calls throughout the implementation process and provide weekly updates regarding project action items to ensure that all requirements are met. Throughout that process, we suggest including the following team members:

• Executive/Senior Sponsor — Ensures that project aligns with key objectives.
• Software Project Manager — Main point of contact throughout the project who will sign off on each phase and coordinate and schedule company personnel.
• Software Champion — Internal product expert for company, and go-to person for employees.
• Equipment/Mechanic Representative — Can speak and make decisions for the shop team.
• Payroll Representative — Can speak and make decisions for the payroll team.
• IT Representative — System and infrastructure support person.

What will happen at HCSS?

On day 1, your representatives and your dedicated Implementation Specialist will review and discuss immediate goals for the implementation and long-term usage of Equipment360, including expectations for how you will use the program. You will then discuss current processes, procedures, and reporting, reviewing what is and is not working and what you would like to see new or different.

Day 1 also includes a review of Equipment360 functionality before reviewing, updating, and importing data into the software and performing initial hands-on training. During this time, you will learn to create a time card.

During day 2, your trainer will review and answer any questions from day 1 before continuing hands-on training. Users will complete the schedules created on the previous day and get some additional practice in using the program based on their roles.

Based on the training and your input, we will adjust newly created processes as needed and talk about the features and functions you will use in the program, including who will perform those functions. At the end of day 2, you will create a to-do list of items to complete before HCSS visits your company, and wrap up the training.

What will happen at our company?

Once onsite, our implementation specialist will train the end users, such as mechanics and office personnel. The goal is that all installation is completed before the on-site implementation so that coaching and integration walkthroughs may begin immediately.

How much does Equipment360 implementation cost?

Most companies require two days at HCSS and two days onsite with one trainer.

More complex implementations may incur additional costs, depending on your company’s needs.

Does Equipment360 work with other HCSS software?

Equipment360 interfaces directly with other HCSS software and the other programs you use to run your business.

Work with Your Existing Accounting Software

HCSS has created direct interfaces with more than 45 accounting systems, including those used by construction companies large and small.

View accounting systems with which Equipment360 interfaces

• Agresso
• Alliance Payroll
• AmCheck
• A-Plus
• A-Systems Corporation
• BASPay
• BRICS 2000
• C/F Data Systems, Inc.
• CMiC
• ComputerEase
• Concord
• Construction Partner
• ContrAcct Systems
• Deltek
• DSi Payroll Services
• eCMS
• Employer Advantage
• Evolution
• ExecuPay
• Explorer Contract Manager
• Foundation
• Future Systems

• Gary Jonas Computing
• Hardhat, Inc.
• Helm
• Intersoft
• JD Edwards
• Lawson
• Maestro
• Maxwell ProContractorMX
• Maxwell Streetsmarts
• Maxwell Systems
• MSDynamics
• Nice Touch Solutions
• Open Systems (DBS)
• PayChex MMS
• PayChex Payroll Services
• Payday
• Paylocity
• Penta Technologies
• Plus & Minus
• ProfitBuilder
• Profitool
• Programmed Acct Concepts

• QuickBooks
• Sage 50 (PeachTree)
• Sage 100 Contractor (MasterBuilder)
• Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90)
• Sage 100 Advanced (MAS 200)
• Sage 300 CRE (Timberline)
• Sage 500 (MAS 500)
• Sage BusinessWorks
• Spectrum
• StarBuilder
• The American Contractor
• The Construction Manager
• Time Track
• TimeClock Plus
• ToolBox
• TrueLine
• Unity
• Viewpoint CS
• Visual Payroll (for BVI)
• Win-X

If an integration has not been designed to fit your accounting system, we can build a custom interface tailored specifically to your organization’s processes. This interface will help you avoid double entry, improve information accuracy, and save time in your payroll process.

A standard Equipment360 interface contains: Employee Code, Employee Name, Date, Equipment ID, Job Code or Shop Code, Work Order Number, Cost Code, Pay Class, Hours (total or separated), Pay Type (determines if hours are regular, overtime, double overtime), and Travel Time. All other fields may require custom work.

Interface with Other HCSS Software

Equipment360 goes beyond fleet management by interfacing with other HCSS products to help you stay on track and maximize efficiency and productivity.

HeavyJob Logo

Pull in reported equipment hours directly from time cards in HeavyJob, along with used equipment, jobs, locations, foremen, meter readings, and fuel consumption to keep track of equipment performance and get exact operating expenses. Maintenance requests in HeavyJob become scheduled maintenance in Equipment360 to automate the shop.

HCSS Telematics Logo

HCSS GPS sends real-time meter readings and detailed equipment location history to Equipment360 to help the shop keep track of asset usage.

FuelerPlus Logo

FuelerPlus integration allows your shop to receive fueler time cards, dispense amounts, and more, to help you track fuel consumption, analyze performance efficiency, and get exact operating expenses by combining utilization fuel costs, and labor hours.

HCSS Dispatcher Logo

Sync with HCSS Dispatcher to receive scheduled equipment, locations, foremen, and meter readings, notifying your shop of current and future job schedules. Send meter readings back to HCSS Dispatcher to stay organized and limit double entry.

HeavyBid Logo

Improve future bidding accuracy by sending actual fuel consumption rates to HeavyBid so your estimators don’t have to guess when budgeting for equipment.

How many Equipment360 licenses should I buy?

The number of Equipment360 licenses your organization should purchase depends on your company size and number of users. Your company’s license mix is customizable to suit your needs in the office and the job site.

Discover which license structure is right for you »

HCSS bases the suggested number of Equipment360 Manager licenses on the number of shop or fleet managers, executives, superintendents, project managers, accountants, and payroll managers that will be accessing Equipment360 at one time.

Equipment360 for the PC and laptop features shared licenses that can be used concurrently, so multiple users can be in the Manager system at one time. Companies typically start with one to two manager licenses unless they have more than $100 million in annual revenue, in which case they might consider one manager license for every two or three users.

View basic Equipment360 pricing to gather a rough budget estimate »

Equipment360 Mechanic licenses for both laptop and mobile, as well as Mobile Mechanic licenses, are individually named per user. These licenses belong to the individual user and can travel from device to device by logging into the app.

Since mechanic licenses cannot be shared, you should purchase one license for each user accessing the Mechanic (or Mobile Mechanic) system.

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