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See How Equipment360 Can Help Increase Your Equipment Utilization

Stay on top of your fleet maintenance by establishing a preventative maintenance program and opening up communication among field, shop, and office.

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Drive Efficient Preventative Maintenance

Use alerts for run time and more to drive preventative maintenance by instantly creating work orders and assigning mechanics.

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Make Smart Purchasing Decisions

Track cost, establish budgets, and forecast expenses to make the right equipment purchasing decisions.

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Easily Balance Mechanic Workloads

Use the Mechanic Planner view to balance mechanic workloads easily.

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Give Your Mechanics Mobile Access

Enter time, parts, information, service readings, and notes in the field, as well as attach and annotate photos to work orders all from the field.

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Make Instant Maintenance Requests

Submit requests quickly from the field to reduce downtime.

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Use Alerts to Stay On Top of Your Fleet Maintenance

Set alerts for certification and licensing, due dates, inspections, insurance, preventive maintenance, and more.

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Make Smart Fleet Management Decisions

See utilization rates, remaining equipment life, and equipment cost to make informed budgeting and equipment purchasing decisions.

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Quickly Review Time Cards and Work Orders

Review, approve, or reject time cards easily and see important time card information like equipment accounts and work and item codes associated with the time card.

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How Equipment360 Fits Into the HCSS Suite

Equipment360 can share your equipment information with the entire HCSS suite of software to keep crews working, maintain the job momentum, and protect the bottom line.


HCSS Data Warehouse

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  • Unit price & lump sum bids
  • Rapid estimate creation from:
    • Libraries
    • Past estimates
    • Calculation routines
    • Assemblies
    • DOT imports
    • RSMeans data (option)
    • Richardson data (option)
  • Analysis tools
  • Rapid change tools
  • Comparisons to estimate and actual production history (w HeavyJob)
  • Invitation to bid
  • Quote management
  • Cost spreading routines
  • Multiple pricing options
  • Multiple bid proposal formats
  • Electronic bid submittals
  • Budget export to accounting
  • Budget export to HeavyJob
  • RFIs (2018)
HCSS Plans Icon

HCSS Plans

  • Quantity takeoff
  • Annotation capabilities
  • Document control
  • Version control
HCSS Employee App Icon

HCSS Employee App

  • Quantity takeoff
  • Annotation capabilities
  • Document control
  • Version control


  • Simple & easy interface
  • Diaries
  • Time cards
  • Progress quantities
  • Photos
  • Materials & subs
  • Production analysis
  • Real-time cost feedback
  • Production planner
  • Needs requests
  • Skills & certifications
HCSS Plans Icon

HCSS Plans

  • Quantity takeoff
  • Annotation capabilities
  • Annotation capabilities
  • Easy attachment to submittals, etc.
  • Instant field to office communication
  • Responsibility assignments
  • Record “As-Built”
  • Document control
  • Version control

HCSS Safety

  • Meetings
  • Inspections
  • Observations
  • Near misses
  • Incidents
  • JHAs
  • Skills & certifications
HCSS Employee App Icon

HCSS Employee App

  • Simple interface
  • Clock in/out
  • Payroll hour verification
  • Equipment inspections
  • Safety observations
  • Custom items such as “not injured”
  • Multi-employee time clock kiosk
  • Upcoming schedules (w/ Dispatcher)
  • Cost code hours (2018)
HCSS Trucking Icon

HCSS Trucking

  • Easy smartphone truck identification
  • Easy recording of loads/dumps
  • Quantity capture
  • Foremen/operators as ticket takers
  • Unattended site logging
  • Internal & external trucks


  • Time card approvals
  • Production reports
  • Change orders
  • T&M billing
  • Forecasting
  • Pay estimates
  • Job cost reports
  • Payroll hour reports
  • Accounting TrueUp (w/ DIS)
  • RFIs (2018)
  • Submittals (2018)
  • Document tracking (2018)
  • HCSS Plans integration

HCSS Dispatcher

  • Electronic “magnet board”
  • Schedule people, equipment, materials, trucks, inventory, and small tools
  • Snapshot of past, present and future
  • True up locations v.s HeavyJob time cards
  • Driver move assignments
  • Rentals
  • Management of future “needs”
  • “Needs” import from HeavyBid
  • Foremen “needs” from HeavyJob
  • Crew export to HeavyJob
  • Dispatching report to HeavyJob
  • Show up instructions to employees

HCSS Safety

  • Inspections, near misses, incidents
  • Free safety observations for all employees
  • Leading indicator analysis from field data
  • Closed-loop follow-up process for issues
  • 1,000 standard meetings, inspections, JSAs
  • Meetings, inspections, & JSAs are customizable
  • Critical meeting topics can be pushed to field
  • OSHA reporting
  • Skills and certifications
  • Quality reports (2018)

HCSS Inspections

  • Equipment Inspections
  • Field equipment inspection data
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports
  • Pre and post-trip inspections
  • Customized inspections
HCSS Forms Icon

HCSS Forms

  • Free with HeavyJob or Safety
  • Customizable mobile forms
  • PDF fillable forms
  • Autofill from time cards (w/ HeavyJob)
  • Data mining of form data (2018)
  • Workflow & approvals (2018)

Equipment Maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Work orders
  • Work order assignment/scheduling
  • Mobile mechanic app
  • Equipment repair history
  • Equipment inspections
  • Field equipment inspection data
  • Field maintenance requests
  • Automated meter readings (w/ GPS)
  • Telematics data reporting (w/ GPS)
  • Warranty tracking
  • Inventory/parts management
  • Utilization reporting
  • Idle time reporting
  • Replace or repair dashboard

Fuel Tracking

  • Mobile phone app
  • Fuel & fluid tracking
  • For fuel truck drivers, foremen, lowboy drivers, etc.
  • Transactions to/from trucks/tanks
  • Third-party fuel card interfaces
  • Fuel charged to equipment/jobs
  • Fuel analysis report


  • Mixed fleet data in one location
  • HCSS GPS hardware
  • OEM GPS data integration
  • Aggregated HCSS + OEM GPS data
  • Interface to other HCSS Software
  • Location, meter, idle time, fuel level, fault codes
  • Stolen equipment alerts
  • Geofence entry/exit logs
  • Mobile geofence reporting
  • Cycle time reporting
  • Equipment utilization reporting
  • Customized alerts:Speeding, hard braking, etc.
HCSS Trucking Icon


  • Automation of truck tickets
  • Simple & accurate verification of loads
  • Quantity capture
  • Fewer payment conflicts & discrepancies
  • Possible elimination of ticket takers
  • Unattended site logging
  • Internal & external trucks
  • Integration with HeavyJob
  • Broker portal with real-time reporting
  • More (2018)

HCSS eLogs

  • Driver Hours of Service (HOS) logs
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs)
  • ELD mandate compliance
  • IFTA reporting
  • Driver & vehicle history
  • Pre- and post-trip inspections
  • Same hardware as HCSS GPS
  • Nearly all state DOTs
  • Download of bid items
  • Download of average bid prices
  • Upload of bid prices
  • Some cities & counties
  • Private services such as Amtek
  • Spreadsheets
  • Budget export from HeavyBid
  • Pay item export from HeavyBid
  • Vendors & subs from HeavyBid
  • Labor & equipment hours from HeavyJob
  • Quantities from HeavyJob
  • Jobs, equipment, employees, & cost codes to HeavyJob

Top Construction Companies Use Equipment360 to Drive Their Fleet Maintenance

Construction companies small and large use Equipment360 to keep their machines up and running so their people have the equipment they need to get the job done right.
HCSS Customer - Walbec Group
HCSS Customer - Lane
Beaver Excavating Company
Viet Specialty Contracting & Waste Management

Case Studies

Watch videos or read articles about how Equipment360 has impacted companies nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some key questions you may have regarding Equipment360 or HCSS.

In the shop or the office, your shop and fleet managers, project managers, superintendents, accountants and payroll managers, and executives can use Equipment360 Manager software downloaded onto their laptops or PCs to turn preventative maintenance alerts into work orders, schedule and assign work orders, and make smart asset management decisions. Shop managers can review and approve time cards, then send the time cards to payroll and accounting.

Equipment360 Mechanic System allows your mechanics to enter field data, interact with work orders, and access time cards using a desktop or laptop. Equipment360 Mobile Mechanic, available as an iPad app, allows your mechanics to have access to work orders and enter time and parts information anytime, anywhere, saving them the hassle of returning to the shop after visiting a job site.

HCSS has created direct interfaces between Equipment360 and most accounting systems used by construction companies large and small. This integration allows your accounting department to easily transfer the time cards into your accounting system to make payroll and accounting even easier. Integrating Equipment360 with your accounting system helps eliminate paper trails, reduce manual entry between departments, and minimize double entry errors.

If your company has built its own in-house accounting system, or if you use a software system that we have not yet built an interface with, HCSS is happy to build a custom integration for an additional charge.

Most of our customers choose Equipment360 because it integrates with other HCSS software they own. A lot of companies manage their fleet with the equipment module that comes with their accounting software. They usually switch to Equipment360 because they need more features than what comes with the accounting software.

The number of Equipment360 licenses your organization should purchase depends on your company size and number of users. HCSS bases the suggested number of Equipment360 Manager licenses on the number of shop or fleet managers, executives, superintendents, project managers, accountants, and payroll managers that will be accessing Equipment360 at one time.

Equipment360 for the PC and laptop features shared licenses that can be used concurrently, so multiple users can be in the Manager system at one time.

Equipment360 Mechanic licenses for both laptop and mobile, as well as Mobile Mechanic licenses, are individually named per user. These licenses belong to the individual user and can travel from device to device by logging into the app. Since mechanic licenses cannot be shared, you should purchase one license for each user accessing the Mechanic (or Mobile Mechanic) system.

Equipment360 uses alerts to drive your Preventative Maintenance schedule. Preventative Maintenance alerts are based off of three parameters: calendar days, runtime hours, and your equipment’s odometer.

In Equipment360, you can track multiple types of alerts, certification and licensing for your equipment, due dates for your work orders, field requests, preventative maintenance, reorder level for your inventory items, skills for your employees, and warranties for your equipment. These alerts can easily be turned into work orders in three clicks.

Equipment360 shop management software tells you what to do before you need to do it, and provides your mechanics with all the information they need to effectively maintain your equipment fleet.

Equipment360 sends you alerts when maintenance needs to be performed, when warranties and registrations expire, when inspections are due, and when parts inventory is below desired stock levels. Foreman can see every mechanic’s work order status turn alerts into work orders in three clicks.

Mechanics can also work remotely on the job site and interact with work orders using the Equipment360 Mobile Mechanic system on an iPad to enter time, parts information, service readings, and notes. The mobile system provides detailed equipment history and automatically builds time cards, allowing your mechanic to send the information directly back to the shop electronically.

Equipment360 also organizes all the paperwork and information your shop receives and creates on a daily basis, allowing you to sort and run reports electronically. Built-in templates and automated meter readings allow you to schedule preventative maintenance ahead of time, maintaining your fleet more efficiently.