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What is Dispatcher?

HCSS Dispatcher is a centralized, integrated crew and equipment scheduling system.
HCSS Dispatcher - Magnet Board

Construction Dispatching Software

turn confusing magnet boards and spreadsheets into a centralized, integrated crew and equipment scheduling system.

HOSTING OPTIONS   |   Network, HCSS Cloud, or Enterprise


Key Benefits

  • Quickly schedule your employees and equipment on one screen.
  • Reduce downtime by having the right people and equipment on the job at the right time.
  • Designed to mimic a magnet board for easy drag-and drop crew and equipment scheduling.
  • Improve scheduling and dispatching efficiency by tracking your equipment, people, inventory, and small tools.
  • View complete location history for all of your resources.
  • Reduce unnecessary rentals by finding owned equipment at the shop or idle on another job.
  • Text or email schedules directly to your field personnel.
  • Automate routine tasks.

Why You Need HCSS Dispatcher

Manage current projects while forecasting future needs and reviewing past performance.
HCSS Dispatcher - Planner View

Eliminate Confusion

Turn your magnet boards and spreadsheets into a centralized, integrated scheduling system.

Avoid Downtime and Delays

Have the right equipment and people on the job site when they’re needed.

Maximize Efficiency

Allocate resources to get the most out of your equipment and manage rent versus buy.

How to Use HCSS Dispatcher

Easy Scheduling

Point and click to add, move, or delete crews and equipment.

Easy to View

Color code jobs, resources, and more to easily see what you need and where.

View Current Location

Integrate with HCSS Telematics to find the closest piece of equipment and make smart asset decisions.
HCSS Dispatcher Map View

Where HCSS Dispatcher Fits In

HCSS Dispatcher streamlines your operations by integrating directly with the other software you use to run your business.

Save Time in the Field

Push crews and equipment from HCSS Dispatcher directly to HeavyJob time cards, and check reported hours against GPS-reported hours.

Improve Your Shop

Push equipment schedules and updates directly to Equipment360 and FuelerPlus to know where equipment is supposed to be and if it’s performing efficiently.

Maximize Production and Efficiency

Integrate with HCSS Telematics to capture run-time meter readings and identify problems as they occur or predict potential issues before they happen.

Help Your Dispatcher

Send needs requests from your budget in HeavyBid directly to your dispatcher for more proactive scheduling, and send cost history to HeavyBid for smarter bidding.
HCSS Dispatcher - Where It Fits In

The Features You Need

We’ve taken everything you know and love about your magnet board and made it smarter, faster, and more helpful.

Point-and-Click Scheduling

Real-Time Location Tracking

Color-Coded Schedule Board

Small Tools and Inventory Management

Built-In Rent/Buy Analysis

Due Dates for Rentals

Rental History Reports

Rental Cost Management

Planner View

Map View

GPS Integration

Manage Skills and Certifications

Reconcile Reported vs. Recorded Hours

Pull Equipment and Crews into Time Cards in HeavyJob

Push Equipment Schedules to Equipment360

Get Meter Readings and Utilization from HCSS Telematics

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some key questions you may have regarding HCSS Dispatcher or HCSS.

What is HCSS Dispatcher?

HCSS Dispatcher improves your scheduling and dispatching efficiency by avoiding downtime and delays, reducing unnecessary rentals, and automating routine tasks.

How much does HCSS Dispatcher cost?

Pricing for HCSS Dispatcher software and training varies greatly and is tailored specifically for each customer.

How much does implementaion cost?

HCSS offers two ways to implement your new dispatching software, and both are designed to get your company up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible.

How many licenses should I buy?

The number of HCSS Dispatcher licenses you need depends on your company size and the number of people who will be accessing the estimating system.

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