HCSS can help make your company world-class

HCSS has been trusted as the leader in estimating, operations, and fleet software for more than 37 years. We have three pillars of success: we create high-quality, valuable software; we invest in reducing the risk of buying that software; and we hire, retain, and empower our people, then give customers real access to them so we can build long-term partnerships and truly understand customers’ businesses. The end result? People love to do business with us.

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Choose a partner who grows with you and never stops innovating.

HCSS software was built entirely on the feedback of construction field, office, and shop workers, so it fits your needs and workflow out of the box. We thrive on practical innovation that helps customers be more successful, and we have a proven formula for ‘leveling up’ companies:

• Start with a single product to make that aspect of your business more efficient. Most customers get started with our estimating software, HeavyBid, so they can bid more efficiently and more competitively.

• Grow with us, advancing into products that automate your operations and put you ahead of your competitors. The next step typically includes HeavyJob for job costing and project management, HCSS Safety for comprehensive, easy-to-use safety software, and HCSS Plans to get the field and office in sync with digital plans.

• Automate your entire project lifecycle, with full transparency into your data, and become a technological powerhouse. The most sophisticated companies take advantage of our full suite of innovative software, which puts the right tools in the hands of every employee with no need to ration licenses.

Empower every employee in your organization with tools and data they need to make the best decisions and work efficiently.

We help foremen, estimators, project managers, and more do the work of two with time-saving tools and complete data transparency. We’ve been helping these employees automate for decades with tools built from the field up.

Easy-to-use tools save the field time and give them real-time feedback to catch mistakes before they happen, so they love using it—which makes rolling out new software easier and getting buy-in from the field a breeze.

We’re purposefully structured to reduce your risk of trying new software.

We have a proven implementation process that brings customers to full operation and success in less than 90 days.

We have 24/7 Instant Support that can be reached by chat, email, or a phone call in three rings or less—and we resolve the issue immediately 98% of the time.

Our Customer Success, Consulting, and Education teams are all dedicated to the ongoing, long-term success of our customers with tools like quarterly business reviews, classroom training, and the HCSS Academy.

The annual Users Group Meeting help users level up their skills, find new opportunities, give direct feedback on the software, and connect with their peers.