Mobile Employee Engagement and Time Tracking Software

Easy-to-use mobile solution for your employees to stay on top of their work.


Improve efficiency, accuracy, and trust by empowering your employees to be more informed about job changes and “contribute to something”.


Allow Employees to record their own hours across various jobs, foremen, and even equipment & cost codes.


Easily record safety observations which can be anonymous.


Operators can record meter readings, send maintenance requests, and perform equipment inspections.


Make it easier for your Spanish-speaking workforce to engage in job site communications.

Time Management

Simple, individual employee time tracking with the ability to log lunches and breaks.

Equipment Inspections

Equipment operators can quickly perform safety inspections on their own mobile devices.

Cost Codes

If you want your Employees to note what they worked on they can cost code their work from a shortlist of assigned cost codes planned for the day.


Determine a structured way to quickly capture daily information from employees via easy-to-answer questions, such as If their time was correct, If they were offered a break, and if they left uninjured.

Safety Observations

Anyone can record any unsafe conditions with photos, description, and severity.

View My Hours

Employees can view the hours they sent their crew lead and compare them to what has been approved including pay classes and overtime.

GPS Location

All clock in/out locations are stamped with longitude and latitude.

Maintenance Requests

Submit equipment issues directly to your shop so your equipment manager can immediately review and take action.

HCSS Suite Integration

Integrate with HCSS job management, safety, equipment, and dispatching software.

Perfect For

  • Operators
  • Laborers
  • Flaggers
  • Truck Drivers
  • Office Personnel
  • Craftsmen

Instead of verbally communicating with the foreman, myField allows crew members to directly clock in or submit their time and information about what they worked on that day. Once submitted, the foreman receives a copy and can review events and times per employee.

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