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Verified Outcomes/Goal Planning

No customer is the same, which means the definition of success can look very different from person to person. We work with customers on identifying and setting realistic goals and measuring progress on them with advice on how to achieve those goals.

Annual Business Reviews

A yearly meeting to discuss progress on goals, potential pain points and opportunities for growth/improvement. A deep dive into customer-specific data with a goal to create action plans from the analysis.

Product Advocacy

Talk to Customer Success about concerns with the software – it is part of our role to work with the Development teams on providing customer feedback about feature requests to help shape the software into the best solution for our customers.

Your Customer Success Manager

If you recently purchased your HCSS software or have been a long-standing HCSS customer, you may have received an email from your Customer Success Manager, introducing him or herself along with contact information. However, you are not sure how your interactions with your Customer Success Manager will differ from Support or Sales. As software companies have evolved, they have created a unique position within a department called Customer Success that bridges the gap between sales, professional services, and customer support. Your HCSS Customer Success Manager works to understand your unique business needs and serve as your advocate to ensure that your business needs are continually met.

Here at HCSS, we know you invested in our software to meet specific business needs. Your Customer Success Manager seeks to better understand why you purchased the software and assists in achieving your desired outcomes. Your Customer Success Manager will work with you to create business-specific, measurable objectives that are achievable in a given time frame with our HCSS Software. Additionally, they will set up regular check-ins in the form of surveys, phone calls, Annual Business Reviews, and First Year Success Plans.

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Annual Business Review (ABR)

The Annual Business Review (ABR) is the most in-depth check-in that provides you the opportunity to align your business goals with your HCSS software. The ABR provides an opportunity to discuss business objectives, milestones and progress towards objectives. During this check-in your Customer Success Manager will assist in creating achievable goals, as well as offer any suggestions that will allow you to more effectively meet your end goals. Your Customer Success Manager will use real, measurable data to run metric reports to ensure that your goals are being met, and ensure that your future goals in the software are on target.

Your Customer Success Manager strives to gain a better understanding of your needs in the software as well as an understanding of your pain points. He or she will work with you to create a plan and/or solution to assist in alleviating the pain points that are hindering you from meeting your software goals. During this process your Customer Success Manager will serve as your advocate to ensure that your voice is being heard, and that HCSS is addressing your pain points in the software, and that future software upgrades and offerings continue to assist with your continuously evolving business needs.

Fully Utilize Your HCSS Software

Additionally, your Customer Success Manager is available to reduce the stress that is associated with your annual software renewals. As your business is growing and changing, your software needs are constantly changing. At your yearly renewal, your Customer Success Manager seeks to ensure that you are fully utilizing your software licenses and/or subscriptions that you have invested in. During this process your Customer Success Manager will answer questions and/or run utilization reports to optimize license counts and/or subscriptions to meet your business needs and assist with any adjustments that need to be made prior to completing the renewal.

Above all, the goal of your Customer Success Manager is to help you effectively use the software products that you have invested in HCSS, and provide you on-going updates to ensure that you are making the best software decisions to meet your business needs with regular check-ins and acting as your advocate to ensure that your needs are being met.

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