Technology in
Heavy Construction Industry

What’s new and what to look for in a technology partner

Solutions Summit Pillars

The 2021 Solutions Summit by HCSS covered the following topics

Technology in Heavy Construction Overview

Construction leaders know that innovating is the only way to stay competitive, but heavy construction technology is constantly changing. Getting construction data management, cybersecurity, and software support right remains critical to the core function of heavy construction companies. Meanwhile, companies are seeing new technologies like construction drone mapping software provide their competitors with better data for decision-making at all levels of their companies. It’s a full-time job to stay on top of technology changes. We’ve assembled resources to help you evaluate current and upcoming technology in the heavy construction industry and equip your IT managers to help make your business stronger and more competitive.

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Solution Summit Presentations

The presentation slides from the sessions, including what’s ahead in the transportation industry, tips for improving the productivity of the field and office, safety culture-building advice, and how to build a company that is 2021-proof.


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