Construction Project Opportunity Tracking

Eliminate the Time Needed to "Set Up" an Estimate

Thorough tracking in the “opportunity” phase allows for analysis on bidding decisions.

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Implement Your Current Workflow Fast

HCSS project tracking software was built with standard construction projects in mind so that any company can implement its current workflow fast. If you have a spreadsheet of current projects then you can implement Pre-Con within a day.

When starting a new estimate in HeavyBid, the software automatically pulls in project data which eliminates the time needed to “set up” an estimate. Project managers and accounting staff also benefit from project tracking software because it provides a portal into the upcoming work coming down the pipe. Because of this, other systems can be set up faster.

Native Integration with HeavyBid

No matter how Project Tracking ends up being set up, integration with HeavyBid is quick to wire up and keeps the two systems’ data in sync.

Share Dates with Outside Calendars

Stay up to date on the latest project dates from within your work calendar with the full-featured version of Pre-Con.

Standard Project Info Customization

Full customization is available with the full-featured version of Pre-Con and limited-feature users have a list of 16 standard projects fields and can customize up to three more fields.

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project tracking software

Chat with us to see if HeavyBid Pre-Con is right for you & see a custom demo.

When you fill out the form, we’ll reach out to you promptly to answer your questions and help you decide if project opportunity tracking software will be the right fit for you.

Afterward, we’ll create a custom demo tailored to your needs to show how HeavyBid Pre-Con can start solving your project opportunity tracking issues immediately!

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