Transitioning to new software and workflows is no small feat, but HCSS Professional Services is here to help you throughout the entire process with hands-on construction software training and implementation services. We want to ensure your product rollout is as seamless and frustration-free as possible using our well-defined and proven process that has helped thousands of companies successfully implement in less than 90 days.

Construction Software Implementation

Time is Money

We understand your time is valuable, so we assign each company an experienced project coordinator who will manage your construction software implementation from start to finish and ensure project completion. You’ll also be partnered with an experienced implementation specialist who will guide you through the ins and outs of your new software and help you get the most out of your investment with construction software training. Our implementation specialists have more than 60 years of combined experience.

Having a well-thought-out plan is critical to your success.

We’ll make sure the project plan aligns with your strategic goals and help you create processes to improve and grow your business. New software is a significant investment, and we know you can’t afford to have your implementation fail due to poor planning and execution.

Your success is our success.

After your construction software is fully rolled out, we don’t wave goodbye and leave you on your own. When you have questions, we’ll be there.

Services Provided

Flex Online Implementation

Benefit from the knowledge and guidance of HCSS staff in a convenient online format in easy to digest two-hour sessions. Although this is an online offering, sessions are on a set schedule. It is a great solution for companies that meet a specific set of criteria.

Virtual Implementation

Virtual Implementation offers the same comprehensive implementation process as our Traditional Implementation, but utilizes video conferencing technology instead of in-person sessions. This is currently the primary implementation offering as we are addressing concerns in regards to COVID-19.

Traditional Implementation

We’ll help plan your rollout, build new processes, and train your employees to ensure your company’s success in partnering with HCSS. This will be accomplished through a series of planning calls, a design session at our Sugar Land campus, and a follow-up visit on-site at your company.

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