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Software to Double Your Estimating Output

Software to Double Your Estimating Output

Estimators across the country use HCSS cost estimating and bidding software because it improves estimating productivity by 25 to 50% compared to other estimating software systems in the market.

Sub and material entry capabilities allow estimators to go through and easily select the bid items provided by various agencies. Estimators are then able to pick those different bid items that the subs will be in and quickly input them and the price where it then goes immediately into a quote sheet which helps significantly cut down the data entry time.

Ask our customers why they trust HeavyBid–and why Estimators love it.

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Case Study

Learn how estimators and project managers at Ed Bell Construction were able to bid on 23 projects in only two days using HeavyBid estimating software and were awarded three won jobs from their efforts.

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Bigger Projects Need Bigger & More Accurate Bids

Learn about some of the other HCSS software features that estimators in the construction industry use on a daily basis.

Create a Workflow to Manage Your Projects in Every Stage

Get project information into your estimate and send costs company-wide.

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Historical Production Data

With HeavyJob and HeavyBid, estimators get access to historically achieved productions from the field to help them get better at using realistic productions over time, improving future estimates.

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Quickly Build an Entire Estimate

Activities and bid items can be built on the fly, copied from any previous estimate, or pulled from a list of standardized activities of work.

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HeavyBid Master Class for Chief Estimators

The HeavyBid Master Class brings together Chief Estimators from around the country for four days of lively discussion and extensive training in order to strategically optimize the bid process.

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