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What is HCSS Telematics?

Track the location and performance of your entire equipment fleet in one convenient website.
HCSS Telematics Dashboard

Telematics Software and GPS Hardware

Track your fleet and help drive your business processes.

VERSIONS   |   Field, Manager Mobile/Web, and Manager
HARDWARE OPTIONS   |  Wired or plug-in


Key Benefits

  • Manage your mixed fleet in one system.
  • Track equipment using heavy construction-specific features like cycle time tracking, entry and exit monitoring, and mobile geofence reporting.
  • Easy-to-install wired units for your yellow iron and older over-the-road vehicles; plug-in options (OBD2, J1939, orJ1708) for vehicles with a diagnostic port; and battery-powered trackers for your non-powered assets.
  • Use a single login to access OEM data across multiple manufacturers like John Deere, CAT, Komatsu, and Volvo.
  • Reduce lost or stolen equipment, maintain your preventative maintenance schedule, reduce your idle hours, track your fuel consumption, and increase visibility of time on and around job sites.
  • Electronic logging devices (ELDs) certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
  • Works with other HCSS software to automate preventative maintenance, true-up location for more efficient scheduling, and help report accurate equipment hours.

Why You Need HCSS Telematics

Manage your entire fleet in one place to improve efficiency and save time and money.
HCSS Telematics - Geofence

No Surprises

Know where your equipment is at all times to increase efficiency and prevent equipment loss or theft.

Keep Employees Safe

Monitor driver behaviors and patterns to spot unsafe or irregular actions.

Manage Usage

Measure work time versus idle time to track your fleet usage, schedule preventative maintenance, and make smarter asset management decisions.

Increase Security

Get alerts when a vehicle or piece of equipment enters or leaves the job site, or get notified when a piece of equipment is started after hours.

How Companies Use HCSS Telematics

Run Reports

Use daily cost analysis reports to create more accurate invoices and make smarter asset management decisions.

Know Where They Are

Create geofences to track when trucks enter or exit job sites or travel outside their assigned area.

Manage Assets

Capture meter readings to know when equipment is left idle or is due for maintenance.

Interface With your HCSS Software

Take advantage of your OEM data to improve your business through other HCSS products.
HCSS GPS Telematics


True up equipment time cards


Drive and monitor preventative maintenance cycles

HCSS Dispatcher

Monitor and verify equipment location

HCSS Safety

Validate equipment location for safety inspections
HCSS Telematics - GPS Units

Hardware for Older Equipment

HCSS can provide GPS hardware for your existing equipment.
  • Wired
  • OBD Transmitter
  • Satellite Asset Tracker

OEM Integration for Newer Equipment

Pull telematics data from your machine with HCSS OEM Link to the suite of HCSS products.
John Deere

Manage Your Fleet

Maximize your equipment utilization while keeping in compliance with DOT regulations.
  • Alerts
  • Locations
  • IFTA Reporting
  • FMCSA Electronic Truck Logs
HCSS Telematics - GPS Alerts

Solutions for Your Whole Fleet

Access telematics data from most types of machines, including but not limited to:
  • Yellow Iron
  • Heavy Trucks
  • Rentals
  • Light Trucks & Company Vehicles
  • Trailers, Generators, and Other Non-Powered Assets
Yellow Iron

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some key questions you may have about HCSS Telematics or HCSS.

What is HCSS Telematics?

Store all your data in one, easy-to-use location for tracking, reporting, and analysis, to ensure your equipment is being used efficiently and safely.

How much does HCSS Telematics cost?

Pricing for HCSS Telematics software and hardware varies greatly and is tailored specifically for each customer based on their equipment types. However, there are some basic numbers you can use to gather a quick budget estimate.

Will it work with other HCSS software?

HCSS Telematics goes beyond location tracking by interfacing with other HCSS products and your own business software to help you manage equipment and maximize efficiency and productivity.

How many licenses should I buy?

Your initial purchase of HCSS Telematics GPS hardware and monthly plan includes unlimited licenses. Plans start at $5/month for your OEM GPS devices or $11/month for HCSS devices, plus the cost of hardware, and are designed to work with all powered and non-powered assets in your fleet.

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