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Stacy Witbeck: Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail

Project Description

The Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project – East Segment in Portland, OR is a project for construction of approximately seven miles of double track light rail through neighborhoods, downtown areas, businesses, and adjacent to three active freight railroads.

The project crosses through the jurisdiction of five municipalities and includes trackwork, nearly eight miles of water and sewer utilities, eight station platforms, a park-and-ride facility, retaining walls, nine major bridge structures, multiple at-grade street crossings, street lighting, street reconstruction, and train signaling and systems infrastructure. A Trolley Trail includes construction of paths, art installations, and specialized landscaping. There are five different artists’ pieces installed along the Trolley Trail that were constructed from trees removed on the project.

What makes it interesting?

It was a very interesting project because of the wide variety of construction activities, especially in such a highly visible location. The project was constructed under a very aggressive and accelerated schedule. The project was the largest and final of four construction projects that collectively added a new MAX Orange Line to Portland’s existing light rail system. Ultimately, the project ran track through downtown areas and adjacent to local businesses and three active freight railroads. The total construction contract for this work was $300 million.

How HCSS Software assisted with the Project.

They used HeavyBid to estimate this project and HeavyJob to streamline reporting of time cards, production, and progress. The foreman used iPads to input hours for time cards, which saved considerable time and labor. They entered production quantities as well, which were then uploaded into an integrated job cost system. Reports could be run by cost code to analyze production and cost by activity. Using HeavyJob was a huge benefit to the project.

“Our success is due to a commitment to partnership and project-first approaches throughout our entire organization. To us, partnership is founded on trust, respect, and shared goals. Stacy Witbeck is proud of the results and impact our collaborative approaches have had on developing long-lasting relationships with clients, partners, and the communities in which we work.”

- Clayton Gilliland, President, Stacy Witbeck

Stacy Witbeck

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