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F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix: Repaving the 3.8-Mile Race Route

Project Description

Spanning the weekend of November 16–18, the Las Vegas Grand Prix served as the twenty-first round of the 2023 Formula One World Championship. This race held particular significance as the 1,100th F1 Grand Prix since the series’ inception in 1950. This occasion also marked the return of Formula One racing to Las Vegas, the first since the 1982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix, as well as the first street race in the city since the 2007 Vegas Grand Prix Champ Car.

What makes it interesting?

The total cost of preparing the Las Vegas infrastructure for this project was in the vicinity of $80 million USD, beginning in early April of 2023 and requiring over 7 months of preparation. The race unfolded on a freshly designed street track around the Las Vegas Strip, totaling 3.8 miles.

How HCSS Software assisted with the Project.

A longtime user of both HeavyBid and HeavyJob, Las Vegas Paving Corp utilized HCSS software to help win this lucrative bid in Clark County, as well as complete road preparation for the Las Vegas Grand Prix – which absolutely needed to be done in plenty of time for the historic event to function as scheduled.

In 1958, Robert L. Mendenhall started Las Vegas Paving Corp. The scope of work includes but is not limited to: producing and placing asphalt for surface streets and highways, aggregate crushing and material supply, flood control and underground facilities, forming and placing structural concrete, constructing runways for international airports and multi-million dollar Design-Build and Construction Manager at Risk projects.

Las Vegas Paving Corp.

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