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construction drone software

Measure Quantities Accurately & Quickly Export Surfaces

Simply draw borders around an area for automatic volume calculations and analysis. With construction drone software through HCSS Aerial, you can effortlessly export data in a wide range of file formats such as DXF, LAS, TIF, OBJ, and SHP.

Track Progress & Compare Design Files Against Construction

Stay on schedule by monitoring execution progress and comparing work executed with design plans. Also, measure earthwork quantities from the 3D HCSS Aerial image and put them into a new HCSS database that can be accessed by everyone using HeavyJob.

construction drone mapping software

Ask our customers why they trust HCSS Aerial–and why Project Managers love it.

Phil Excavating
Interstate Rock Products
ERS Roads & Bridges

Purpose-built for heavy civil & infrastructure construction.

Drone Reporting

Generate survey-grade maps & produce reports in hours.

Job Site Simulation

Visualize progress for the full project lifecycle.

HeavyJob Integration

Measurements & quantities data integration.

Data Security

Customer data stays private.

| ERS Roads & Bridges

Josh Phillips

We joined at the ground floor of HCSS Aerial. We had been using drone photogrammetry for a few years prior but since we began using HCSS Aerial, we were able to expand our usage of our drone because of the reduced time processing and the easily accessible program.

| Q&D Construction

Fred Hatcher

HCSS has been very responsive to our needs and feedback. We got in early and requested some additions. They added those things pretty quickly and continue to improve. They also have good ideas on integrating products in HCSS that we are looking forward to.

| Interstate Rock Products

Kyson Spendlove

In our case we have seen a great benefit of using HCSS Aerial. We went from having to go out into the field and survey each stockpile and new concrete/asphalt by hand. Now it is easier than ever and has saved us time, which has allowed us to focus on the most important things while the drone simplifies our work. When it comes to getting your money’s worth out of HCSS Aerial it has happened overnight for our company.”

| Pihl Excavating

Aaron Dort

I’ve found it very user friendly and accurate. The support team is very responsive to issues and feature suggestions. It seems to be getting better all the time.

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