Site Prep Location Services

A Location Services Feature to Help Reduce Labor Costs

Help you and your team plan construction site preparation work in the field with the location services feature in HCSS Plans.

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View the Plan Sheets for Your Specific Location

View the Plan Sheets for Your Specific Location

Similar to the functionality your’re probabley used to in Apple or Google Maps, there is a “blue dot” that allows field users to see their location directly on the plan sheet. This feature empowers project managers to plan faster, enables field crews to enhance efficiency, and fosters innovative collaboration within the entire project team.

The new Current Location menu within this feature gives foremen a one-click solution to quickly photo what they need withthe exact location included. That photo is then available to anybody else with access to the project.

Align Sheets to Map

Sheets are automatically stitched together and placed on the map view.

Track Where You Are

Always view your exact location on the plans set and make markups accordingly.

Overlay Your Sheets

Compare sheet revisions and overlay different sheets for the same location.

Get Alignment Information Instantly

Current station is visible in the Current Location menu and photos and pins can be placed exactly at that location.

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plans set location hcss plans
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Foremen Will Be Begging to Use This Feature

Foremen Will Be Begging to Use This Feature

A common question that comes up before breaking ground on a jobsite is what kind of prep work will need to be done? For example, let’s say you need to move drillers to the site to put foundations in for a new bridge. You need to know if it’s going to hit where the ground is flat or if it’s going to fall on a slope where you’d then have to do some grading and remove concrete.

In the past, you’d need a survey crew to come out and identify the location for the foundations to make those decisions. With the location services feature in HCSS Plans, you can now use the app on your phone or tablet to easily locate where that foundation set is going to go without having to spend the extra labor cost for a survey crew.

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