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Your OEM Data & Devices in One Place

OEM Link pulls your OEM telematics data into HCSS Telematics so you can see all your OEM equipment and HCSS hardware in one system.

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OEM Data Automatically Pulled

Are you or your fleet managers tired of logging into three or four different web portals to view OEM telematics data?

With HCSS OEM Link, your fleet managers and shop foremen have one place to easily access OEM data from leading manufacturers as the software automatically pulls your OEM data from heavy equipment manufacturers such as John Deere, CAT, Volvo, Komatsu, and more.


HCSS supports automatically importing data that is compliant with AEMP 2.0 (ISO 15143-3) into our system from various OEM telematics providers.

Interface with HCSS Products

OEM equipment hours and fault codes also integrate with Equipment360 to drive maintenance cycles and fault code alerts.

API Access

This is a self-service feature to obtain API access credentials from the OEM providers and enter them into HCSS Credentials.

oem link providers
oem link providers
oem link providers

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When you fill out the form, we’ll reach out to you promptly to answer your questions and help you decide if OEM telematics will be the right fit for you.

Afterward, we’ll create a custom demo tailored to your needs to show how HCSS Telematics can start solving your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) telematics issues immediately!

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