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Geofences for Accurate Equipment Reporting

Create custom geofences that exactly match your jobsite’s boundaries for accurate equipment reporting with geofencing software.

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Do More than a Rectangle Geofence

Unlike other GPS systems that only allow you to draw a rectangle geofence, HCSS geofencing software allows you to draw a geofence that more accurately maps your current jobsite.

More accurately drawn geofences allows you to log entry and exit times better and track total hours on the job. With HeavyJob integration, foremen can automatically populate equipment hours on time cards with accurate runtime information.

Material Loading & Unloading

Use dynamic geofences to capture accurate asphalt cycle time and equipment transport tracking.

Eliminate Over-Renting

Superintendents can use GPS-powered equipment hours exception reporting from Telematics in HeavyJob to identify heavy equipment hoarding and eliminate over-renting.

Cycle Time Reports

One of the biggest benefits of using mobile geofence is the ability to drive your cycle time reports.

geofencing software
geofencing software
cycle time reports

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Afterward, we’ll create a custom demo tailored to your needs to show how HCSS Telematics can start solving your construction geofencing issues immediately!

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