Expert GPS solutions for the construction industry.

HCSS GPS is designed specifically for the construction industry.

Everything you would expect from standard GPS — location data, speed tracking, theft alerts, and idle time — and so much more.

Manage all your GPS data in one simple place.

Integrate with the software products you use to run your business.

Cost-effective plans as low as $11 per month.

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Standard GPS features with everything you'd expect.

And then some.

  • Detailed location data for your equipment
  • Track vehicle speed across jobs and days
  • Reduce theft by always knowing where your equipment is.
  • Measure work time versus idle time.
  • Monitor driver behavior and patterns
  • Record mileage by state.
  • And more!

Aggregate OEM GPS data. All your data in one place.

  • HCSS uses AEMP Telematics Standard and makes it a breeze to collect data from multiple manufacturers to view in one simple location.
  • Connect with The Dispatcher to see real-time map movement and boost trucking analysis, utilization calculations, and historical reporting.
  • Centralized data to drive your preventative maintenance cycles with Equipment360.

Integrate with PM software. Don't get caught with broken equipment.

Use mileage and hours to automate meter readings and maintenance alerts, so you can stay up-to-date on performance and fix problems before they occur.

Seamlessly connect with Equipment360 to automate your preventive maintenance cycles based on meter and odometer readings.

Generate work orders automatically to save effort and streamline preventive maintenance.

Manage trucks and productivity. Get the most out of your vehicles.

  • Integration with The Dispatcher lets you schedule trucks and easily track them.

  • Graphical analysis lets you follow deliveries and production in real-time.

  • Location data and movement history mean you can easily track production values, cycle times, and overall costs.

  • Daily cost analysis reports, as well as audits for start and end time, let you invoice your truckers more accurately.

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Verify time card hours. The simpler, more efficient time card solution.

GPS can tell you where you’ve been, and connecting with HeavyJob can tell you even more about how many hours you’re spending on your jobs. It’s a smart, easy way to keep everyone on the same page.

HeavyJob can quickly import time card information for every piece of equipment with a GPS unit, saving you time and effort and reducing the error that comes with entering data multiple times across different programs.

Exception reports let you spot the difference between reported hours and used hours. You’ll never be in the dark about when and where your equipment is deployed.

Stay connected to your equipment for $11 a month.

  • For as little as $11 per month per machine, you can track your fleet and reduce your risk of theft. If you own HCSS's HeavyJob and Equipment360, you can revolutionize your time cards and automate preventive maintenance.

  • You choose the data plans that fit your business. Maybe you've got some equipment that needs detailed monitoring, while other pieces only need to be checked on once in a while. You can pick from plans with pings as frequent as every two minutes, collecting a variety of telematics data. Or you can choose a more elemental plan that only reports location and meter readings. Whatever your needs, we have a plan that works for you.

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HCSS GPS Testimonial

"Using GPS saved us weeks of wasted time this year performing annual inspections. It allowed us the ability to inspect all the equipment in a specific location."

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Jeff Roginsky

Vice-President of IT

CMW Matthews

HCSS GPS Testimonial

"After installing GPS on our material Trucks, our trucking costs made a $900,000 improvement the next year great software."

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Ron Tucker


Reece Albert, Inc.

HCSS GPS Leads Police to Stolen Generator

Lewis Contractors, Inc., got an alert one night that a Wacker 25K generator — valued at $20,000 — had moved off their job site. Investigating the next morning, they noticed that the generator was missing. However, they’d recently purchased GPS tracking from HCSS, and one call to HCSS support was all it took to begin the recovery process. By sending pings to the GPS receiver every four minutes, HCSS was able to track the equipment’s movement and pinpoint the location of the generator, down to the exact corner of the garage that was housing the stolen equipment.

The accuracy of the GPS data, which can plot an object’s location with a margin of error as small as three meters, allowed police to obtain a search warrant, and they recovered the stolen generator from the garage.

Elapsed time between the first call to HCSS and the generator’s recovery? Two hours.

According to Lewis, he was previously working more than 10 hours per day solely on the task of trying to manage 135 pieces of equipment, nine mechanics and shop personnel, timecards, parts orders, preventive maintenance schedules, and emergency field repairs.

The generator would’ve been a lost investment if the crew hadn’t recovered the equipment. Construction theft is a gnawing problem for professionals everywhere, and while equipment is often insured, deductibles can be staggering, with some as high as $25,000. With fees that steep, it’s crucial to keep your equipment from walking off the job.

The GPS system is already paying for itself, according to IT Manager Ron Lewis. Thanks to the recovery of the generator, “we’ve recouped about two-thirds of our investment before we’ve even outfitted our entire fleet,” Lewis told HCSS.