Powerful, industry-leading construction estimating software.

is the most trusted estimating software in construction.

More than 35,000 estimators
use HeavyBid everyday.

Winner of Roads & Bridges Contractor’s Choice Gold Award
seven years in a row.

111 companies on the ENR Top 400 contractors list
use HeavyBid.

Used in transportation, utility, oil and gas, power, industrial, and commercial construction.

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Estimate more work in less time

  • Start estimating faster by importing items from your owners (including your state’s DOT), having HeavyBid build most of your estimate automatically based on your company’s historical estimating data, and quickly identifying 100% subcontracted work and preparing it for quotes.

  • Build your estimate faster by taking advantage of multiple estimating data sources, including past estimates, standardized libraries customized to your company, historical estimating costs, historical actual performance data, and integrated RSMeans.

  • Create your own custom calculation routines directly in HeavyBid and save the results directly to your estimate. You can even import any custom calculations you already have in Excel.

  • Build your own custom assemblies and have entire parts of your estimate built for you automatically based on the results of custom calculations.
  • Integrate your existing spreadsheets. Import directly from Excel to get started faster and eliminate double-entry, export to Excel for additional data manipulation and reporting, live link to Excel to keep the estimate in-sync with spreadsheets, import custom calculations, create Excel-based bid proposals, and more.

  • Automatically create resource-loaded schedules in Microsoft Project and Primavera P6 from your estimates and dramatically reduce the time manually creating schedules.

  • Keep the estimate and schedule in sync with bi-directional integration between the estimate and the schedule. As scope changes are made in design and the estimate is updated, you can instantly update your schedule. As the schedule changes, you can update your estimate automatically.
  • HeavyBid can help you find and correct estimating errors. HeavyBid will automatically identify many potential estimating errors and take you directly to them in your estimate so you can correct the issues.

  • Mark items that need further review manually or have HeavyBid do it automatically for you. Once you’ve reviewed the items, HeavyBid can notify you if anything changes that require you to review them again.

  • Instantly see the net effect of any cost change you make to the estimate and the detail behind the change down to the items, activities, and resources affected.

  • Track all cost and price changes made to the estimate using HeavyBid’s audit trail. The audit trail can summarize every change or breakdown each to the lowest level of detail.
  • Run cash flows on any project while taking into account variables such as inspection schedules, payment schedules and lags, client retainage, expense lags, advanced payments, payback schedules, interest rates, and more.

  • Review your estimate with a comprehensive suite of reports. Choose from hundreds of standard, out-of-the-box reports.

  • Create custom reports with our simple report writers or write your own against HeavyBid’s database.

  • Create your own custom key indicators and analyze your estimates against benchmarks.
  • Instantly update the estimate by making changes in project or item scope (such as quantity), rates, crew compositions, and more.

  • Easily swap one material, equipment, labor craft, or crew for another throughout the estimate.

  • Make project-level changes such as whether to work overtime, change shift lengths, switch to multi-shift work, and more, and instantly see the effect on your estimate.
  • Quickly discount costs, such as company-owned equipment or company overhead, to gain a competitive advantage on a project.

  • Easily swap out one option or method of work for another.



Build flexible estimates


HCSS HeavyBid Testimonial

“HeavyBid is very customizable. There are usually multiple methods of viewing and entering data into the program. This allows you to choose the method that works best for you, which in turn allows you to be more efficient and bid more work.”

Sample Image

Bill Stone

Structures Estimator

CW Matthews

  • Flexible work breakdown structure lets you organize your estimate based on what matters the most to you (CSI, DOT, or custom WBS).
  • Multi-level breakdowns allow you to break down large, complex work into smaller, more manageable and detailed pieces.
  • Flexible labor and equipment cost methods allow you to break down resource costs into their smallest levels of detail to generate the most accurate unit costs.
  • Customizable cost types let you separately track costs in addition to labor, equipment, material, and subcontractor that are important to your company.
  • Virtually unlimited mark-up capabilities let you apply a general mark-up to the whole project, mark up cost types independently, mark up owner items individually, and more.
  • Flexible unit price development allows you to allocate job overhead, company overhead, and mark up in a virtually unlimited number of ways that you completely control.
  • Estimates are completely independent of one another, allowing you ultimate flexibility and creativity when structuring and estimating projects.
  • HeavyBid can handle all different types of work and is used by companies every day in the transportation, utility, oil and gas, power, industrial, and commercial construction markets or for companies that work in multiple industries, HeavyBid’s estimating databases (rate tables, equipment lists, material lists, activity libraries, estimate lists, and more) can be kept separate between divisions so each division can create and maintain their own estimating data.
  • HeavyBid’s flexible and robust capabilities enable you to handle virtually any bidding situation you may encounter: from unit price or lump sum bidding to design-build and joint venture projects.



Manage bid day efficiently

  • Effectively manage the entire quote lifecycle from RFQ to selecting subs and suppliers to creating subcontracts and purchase orders.

  • Quickly receive and analyze sub and supplier quotes.

  • Easily account for scope and see the differences among different subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Automatically identify the most advantageous quote.

  • Easily conduct self-perform vs. subcontractor analysis.

  • Track, analyze, and meet owners’ minority requirements.
  • Flexible pricing capabilities give you complete control when setting the final prices for your bid.

  • Automatic pricing calculations save you time and make closing the bid fast and efficient. Set an item to be a certain percentage of your job (such as mobilization) and have it calculate automatically; price items accordingly; and while still closing to a balanced bid easily; round final bid prices instantly; set a desired bid total and automatically close to it; and more.

  • Easily identify overruns and underruns, price them accordingly, and the effect on your final mark up.
  • Efficiently handle last-minute cuts from subs and suppliers by instantly updating the estimate and your pricing sheet with changes. You can also simply identify the item(s) you’d like to take cut from and have HeavyBid calculate the price automatically.

  • Track different rounds of changes as items are finalized. HeavyBid can track round by round when items are finalized and any new changes made to your pricing sheet.
  • Automatically create bid schedules required for A+B, design-build, and best-value projects. HeavyBid’s bi-directional integration with Microsoft Project and Primavera P6 allows you to create a resource-loaded schedule from the estimate and develop both in parallel.

  • Impress owners with the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive job management software tools HeavyJob, The Dispatcher, and HCSS Safety.

  • Electronically submit to owners, including your state’s DOT. HeavyBid integrates with all state DOT electronic bidding systems including Expedite.
  • Create attractive and professional bid forms with completely customizable bid proposals in a number of different formats including Microsoft Word and Excel.

  • Easily bid as both a prime contractor and a sub on the same project. Select subsets of items to bid to other prime contractors, price items differently when bidding as a sub vs when bidding as a prime, and even price items differently to each prime contractor you to which are quoting.

  • Have your estimators and project managers use HeavyBid Mobile to estimate and negotiate change orders in the field.



Interface with other software

  • HeavyBid integrates worry-free with the other software vital to your business.

  • HeavyBid works with your existing accounting system, so you can easily send your bid right to accounting for budget creation. For most accounting systems, the integration works right out-of-the-box; however, some additional custom programming may be required for some accounting systems.
    See accounting systems

  • HeavyBid helps you create and maintain live schedules with Primavera and Microsoft Project.

  • RSMeans gives you access to industry-standard cost breakdowns for cost items.

HCSS HeavyBid Testimonial

“The interface with the accounting system…is seamless…The amount of information that is sent leaves little to no additional work on the accounting end when setting up a new job.”

Sample Image

Jeff Saunders



(APAC-Atlantic, Inc. Thompson-Arthur)

  • HeavyBid lets you connect with Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Word, so you can easily export job data to other departments.

  • Integrate with your owner’s bidding software, such as your state’s DOT system.

  • HeavyBid interfaces with other HCSS products to integrate your business like never before. HeavyBid receives actual bid tabs from bidhistory.com, creates job budgets in and receives actual cost and product history from HeavyJob, creates and schedules equipment and crew needs in The Dispatcher, and receives actual fuel consumptions from FuelerPlus.

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Use PC, Cloud, iPad® and more. Flexible and innovative estimating solutions for any situation.

  • HeavyBid is the most flexible construction estimating software available and fits virtually any business and IT situation.

  • Multi-user networks allow for multiple users to access HeavyBid at the same time. Estimating data is centralized and shared, and estimators can work on their own estimates or multiple users can work on the same estimate at the same time. HeavyBid multi-user networks can support a virtually unlimited of users.

  • HeavyBid operates in any IT infrastructure from a simple server/workstation environment up to high-end virtualized platforms.
  • Disconnected stand alones are designed for estimators who don’t have access to your company’s network or the internet. Ideal for estimating in the remote locations and for taking work home, your estimators can bring down estimates from your company’s network, work on them independently, and merge changes back to a shared version.

  • HCSS Cloud Apps allow you to use HeavyBid without worrying about setup and maintenance of an enterprise-class solution that ensures data continuity and performance. When you select this option, HCSS will set up and support HeavyBid in our secure cloud environment. HeavyBid software updates, server maintenance, IT support, and data security are all handled by HCSS and our 24/7/365 support. Click here for more information on HCSS Cloud Apps

  • HeavyBid Mobile, the iPad version of HeavyBid is built for estimating in the field, HeavyBid Mobile is powerful, yet intuitive and easy to use, giving you the ability to estimate on a tablet.
  • Powerful, yet intuitive and easy to use, HeavyBid Mobile gives you the ability to estimate on your iPad.

  • Built for estimating in the field, HeavyBid Mobile is great for salesmen-type estimators quoting projects like small asphalt and concrete paving projects, landscape projects, and on-site estimating for oil and gas field drill pads.
  • An ideal solution for change orders, HeavyBid Mobile allows your project managers and estimators to estimate and negotiate change orders on site with owners.

  • HeavyBid Mobile connects with your main HeavyBid system, so your estimators in the field will work with the same data as your estimators in the office. Additionally, because HeavyBid Mobile sends estimates back to HeavyBid, you’ll have all your company’s estimates stored in one centralized place.
  • HeavyBid has the right solution for your company whether you’re a small subcontractor or a multi-national corporation.

  • HeavyBid comes in three levels: Basic, Advanced, and Comprehensive each designed to fit a specific size contractor. The best part is as your company grows, HeavyBid will grow with you.

  • HeavyBid is used every day by companies in all major construction markets including transportation, utilities, oil and gas, power, industrial, and commercial construction.
  • If your company works in multiple industries, HeavyBid’s estimating databases can be kept separate between divisions so each can create and maintain their own estimating data while still pooling their user licenses.

  • Because we’re a great fit all major construction markets, you can standardize your company a single construction estimating software solution. And, unlike anyone else, HeavyBid is backed by HCSS’ 12-month money-back software guarantee and our legendary 24/7 instant support.



The industry standard for large and small companies.

HeavyBid is trusted by the most recognized names in construction, but it’s also a great fit for companies of all sizes. HeavyBid comes in a variety of packages designed for everyone from the smallest subcontractors to largest multinational construction companies.

And the best part? As your company grows, HeavyBid will grow with you.

With more than 35,000 users, companies keep turning to estimators who use HeavyBid.

HCSS HeavyBid Testimonial

“HeavyBid allows us to grow as a company without worry that our estimating system will keep up. We like the fact that the system is made up of what the users actually want, not some out-of-the-box package.”

Sample Image

Mitch Trucco


Trucco Construction (OH)

Ferrovial Agroman Alberici Archer Western Austin Industries Balfour Beatty Blattner Energy Cajun Industries CH2M HILL Clark Construction Colas Flatiron Construction Granite IMCO General Construction James McHugh Construction Company McCarthy Building Company Michels Corporation Oldcastle PCL Construction Skanska Sprint Pipeline The Lane Construction Corporation Tutor Perini Valleycrest Walsh Construction Watts Constructors Weeks Marine



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We’ve worked with over 3,500 heavy construction companies over the last 26 years. Our software has set the industry standard for streamlining companies operations and affecting their bottom line.

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HCSS HeavyBid Testimonial

“I feel that HeavyBid has played an integral part in the profitability of our company. It makes estimating easier and more precise and helps us feel more confident that our bids are neither too high nor too low. We’ve been complimented numerous times by clients on the completeness of our bid schedules and our ability to quickly and accurately supply them with cost data and project quantities. HCSS is the best, by far!”

Sample Image

Doug Lind


Lind-Exco, Inc.

HCSS HeavyBid Testimonial

“The product is simple to use and can be understood throughout the company. The estimate can be set up by someone who will never see the job and is standardized enough that every estimator, foreman, manager, accountant, and owner will be able to understand what is being bid and what will be built.”

Sample Image

Jeremy Bexton

APAC-Missouri, Inc.

HCSS HeavyBid Testimonial

“We really like using HCSS HeavyBid because it has significantly improved the accuracy and the consistency of our estimates.

In our previous system of Excel® spreadsheets, we were constantly encountering formula errors, errors that were made in transferring subtotals from one worksheet to another and errors that were made when we would forget to update a material or subcontract price change in multiple locations in our spreadsheets.

Now with HeavyBid, we spend more time analyzing our estimates and less time checking our math extensions. We can update a material or subcontract price in one place and be confident that the update is made accurately throughout the estimate.”

Sample Image

Tom Gunther

Chief Estimator

DeSilva Gates Construction

HCSS HeavyBid Testimonial

“HeavyBid has been the key to the success of CW Matthews for more than 10 years and will continue to be the cornerstone of our estimating department.”

Sample Image

Mike Kleuckling

VP of Estimating

CW Matthews (GA)

Since 2004, Dunnet Bay Construction Co., based in Glendale Heights, Ill., has relied on software to help gain an advantage in their competitive bidding process. Clients like the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority and the city of Chicago award high-dollar jobs, and HeavyBid estimating software from HCSS makes bidding for those big jobs much easier.Read the Case Study

In the ultra-competitive IDOT and Chicago markets, Cabo Construction uses HeavyBid to significantly increase their estimating without having to add additional man power.

Read the Case Study

Component Recommended
Operating System Windows 7
Computer/Processor Intel Core i5/i7 or AMD Phenom II
Memory (RAM) 2GB or Higher
Disk Space 5GB + 3MB per estimate
Display 1280 x 1024 or higher
Component Recommended
Operating System Windows 2008 R2
Computer/Processor Dual Quad-Core Processors (AMD Opteron or Intel Xeon Series)
Memory (RAM) 8GB or Higher
Disk Space 10GB + 3MB per estimate
Hard Disk 15K RPM SAS-SCSI in RAID 1 or better configuration
NIC (Network Interface Card) 1GB

Download the System Requirements

HeavyBid Customer Reviews

HeavyBid is rated 4.748 out of 5 by 123.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Heavy Bid Our company began the transition to HCSS heavybid about 2 years ago. This software has increased our bid volume because of its ease of use. Very happy with the product so far!
Date published: 2015-06-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Simply, the Best I've been an estimator since 1970, before computers, before calculators! In my career I've used three different estimating soft wares. Hard Dollar, Bidtowin and Heavy Bid. There really isn't a comparison between them. The others are years old used cars compared to the Ferrari of Heavy Bid. Heavy Bid is fast, easy to use and powerful. The reports alone set Heavy Bid apart. During reviews, I can produce document after document to support my bid. I would recommend Heavy Bid to any estimator looking for a software to use. In fact, I've told several that they're not using the right one. There's only one right one, Heavy Bid!
Date published: 2015-02-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very powerful bid program I have used Timberline Estimating, as well as just MS Excel, for estimates before. HeavyBid is more user friendly in terms of setup, and the training and customer tech service is great!! After attending a User Group Meeting, you will learn more than you thought you would, plus there are so many HCSS people to meet that will become good resources to contact after the training.
Date published: 2015-02-20
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