Pump up your fuel tracking.

FuelerPlus tracks every drop of fuel and fluid across your organization.

Start tracking your fuel costs
with minimal change to your workflow for a fraction of the cost of other fuel management systems.

Reduce waste and theft in your system with electronic fuel tracking.

Aggregate all your fuel transactions 
— job site distributions, fuel card transactions, bulk purchases, and more — in one simple location.


 Retire your paper fuel logs and tickets.

By scanning barcodes, performing validation checks, reducing dual entry for accounting, and capturing data at the source, switching to electronic fuel entry increases the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of your data.
There’s no need to retrain your fueler. FuelerPlus and FuelerPlus Mobile are designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow with little or no disruption to your processes.

Electronic time cards in FuelerPlus means you can export approved time cards to payroll with one click.


Easily track your data. Know exactly where you stand.

  • The Dashboard lets you know in one glance which field fuelers have synced their fuel transaction data for the day and which ones are still missing. 

  • Fixed-container fuel levels are easy to monitor, and you can quickly call in orders to top off tanks either at the yard or at the job site.

  • Fuel distribution trend lines let you instantly spot outliers in your fuel patterns. Abnormally high distributions might mean theft or waste, while low distributions might mean missing data or transactions.  

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Build reports that matter to you. 

Quickly build custom reports from a complete library of database fields, or use our templates organized by fuel type, equipment, fueler, or location. Produce graphs to accompany reports and export to Microsoft Excel or other programs with just a few clicks.
Save your favorite reports for easy use later, and instantly share them with other FuelerPlus users across the company.
Have you survived an IFTA audit recently? With FuelerPlus, you can track fuel burn and meter/odometer readings. By integrating with HCSS GPS, we can add on-road vs. off-road tracking and state-by-state analysis to make your next IFTA audit a breeze.

 Top off FuelerPlus with your other HCSS products.


  • Record job site fuel distributions on your HeavyJob time card and sync them directly with FuelerPlus. 

  • Locate equipment with daily updates from The Dispatcher. 

  • Send fuel consumption rates to HeavyBid's Advanced Equipment Setup so you can bid more accurately.  

Import transactions from your fuel card vendors.

We integrate with a majority of national fuel card vendors to electronically post your transactions to FuelerPlus. Analyze your fuel card data from multiple sources in one location.
Eliminate the hand-entry of your fuel card statement into your accounting system. Cut out hundreds or even thousands of fuel entries every week.
View, analyze, and distribute third-party fuel cards and field fuel transactions all in the same system.

All the savings, for a fraction of the cost.

FuelerPlus can get you electronically tracking your fuel distributions and transactions without upsetting your current workflow.

Other Fuel Management Systems

Most field management systems can run anywhere from $125,000 to $250,000. And for all that money, you get something that:

  • Disrupts your workflow
  • Requires extensive retraining
  • Requires new fuel system hardware
  • Introduces complexity
  • Creates multiple breaking points
  • Reduces stability
  • Increases the risk of service disruptions
  • And offers limited back-ups in case of emergency.

FuelerPlus is simple, cost effective, and created specifically to meet the needs of your business with a system that:

  • Doesn't disrupt your workflow
  • Needs little or no training for field personnel
  • Doesn't require expensive hardware
  • Simplifies your process
  • Doesn't introduce breaking points
  • Increases stability and efficiency
  • And offers significant ROI for a fraction of the cost.


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