Go Paperless
with HCSS

Paperless Jobsite in 30 Days.
Transformed Business in 90 Days.

A paperless jobsite means less time spent and fewer errors. With HCSS HeavyJob, HCSS Plans, and HCSS Safety, every jobsite document is digital, searchable, up-to-date, and providing you critical decision-making information, instantly.

And foremen love using HCSS because it saves them time, which means easier rollouts. This doesn’t have to be a massive change management initiative for the future. Be paperless now.

Make all jobsite documents digital at the source in 30 days

Easily input time, diaries, quantities, materials, meetings, and jobsite photos and documents.

Stage 1: Eliminating Paper in 30 Days

Week 1

Install software and input all your employee, payclass, and equipment data. Learn the basics of forms, safety meetings, and job entry.

Week 2

Automate time entry, export to payroll, make safety meetings paperless, and train in creating and filling forms.

Week 3

Roll out electronic plans, with every user collaborating on shared, up-to-date plans sheets. Take advantage of the full library of safety inspections.

Week 4

Start collecting quantities using plans and get field buy-in on paperless inspections.

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Stage 2: Expand Your Use of New Digital Information

Over 2-4 weeks, the new influx of digital time cards, plan sheets, safety meetings, and forms from the field create a strong base of data on which to make decisions. You will continue to improve efficiency and strengthen your capabilities in the HCSS suite.

  • RFIs, submittals, and access for your subs for project management
  • Automated skills & certifications available at a glance
  • Annotated, tagged, and organized photos for detailed jobsite documentation
  • Digitized truck tickets increase efficiency and reduce both errors and person-to-person contact
  • Robust reporting through HCSS Intelligence
  • Manage T&M billing

Stage 3: Reimagine Your Business Processes

In the last 2-3 weeks of implementation, you work alongside our expert consultants to build a culture of accountability, efficiency, and data-informed decisions. In addition, you’ll dig into the advanced features of the HCSS products for solutions tailored to your ideal way of doing business.

  • In-depth process design session with implementation consultant
  • Build a safety culture and develop skills in HCSS Safety’s advanced features
  • Conforming budgets, cost code structure, and cost history methods
  • Manage pay estimates and forecasting
  • Set up material tracking, budgets, and POs

Use the HCSS Platform for an Efficient, Paperless Jobsite

By implementing all three products simultaneously, you can facilitate a complete transformation of your business process to improve efficiency in just 90 days. No long wait for a “go live” – with our rapid implementation, you’re up and running with key functions paperlessly in the first week.

HeavyJobHCSS HeavyJob

Save foremen time, get management the info they need and simplify payroll.

HCSS SafetyHCSS Safety

Have all safety data and documentation instantly available if ever needed.


HCSS PlansHCSS Plans

Everyone can annotate on their own layer, view what others have shared and calculate quantities..

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A More Efficient, Paperless Company - We Guarantee It

Throughout the rollout process, you’ll receive weekly updates on the progress of your company’s path to paperless. Our 24/7 Instant Support is always available to help you improve your understanding of the products and solve issues that may come up along the way.

Go Paperless with HCSS