View Actual Production Rates in 3 Clicks While Estimating in HeavyBid with HeavyJob

Ensuring estimated production rates match actual production capacity is vital. It impacts bid accuracy and competitiveness, job profitability, and alignment between estimating and field production teams.

Estimated production rates set the pace for construction. After a bid is won and goes into production, the actual production rate must meet or beat the estimated rate for the job to stay profitable. It’s critical that estimated and actual production rates align.

This feature makes it fast and easy for Estimators to seamlessly access actual, historical production rates while building an estimate, so they can determine the right production rate for each bid.

View actual production rates in just 3 clicks while estimating in HeavyBid, with field data seamlessly pulled-in from HeavyJob. Drill down by job and by time card for even further insights.​

Use This Feature & Learn More

If you already have HeavyBid & HeavyJob

Check out the video tutorial below or this article to learn how to view actual production rates while estimating. If you have questions, we’re here to help with our always available 24/7 Instant Support.

If you don’t have HeavyBid or HeavyJob and want to learn more

Prefer to read more about HeavyBid construction estimating software or HeavyJob first? That’s great. We’re here to help when you’re ready.

Watch this Feature in Action

View Actual Production Rates in 3-Clicks While Estimating


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