Streamline your job management and payroll processes.

HeavyJob is an easy-to-use time entry system designed for foremen.

Instantly see daily job costs against the estimate.

Empower foremen to plan ahead

Work offline or online, from your phone, tablet, or PC.

  Reduce foreman entry time.

Entering time card information is faster than ever. You can pre-fill time cards with crew and equipment information, import data from your crew setup and production planner, sync with your dispatching department, or quickly copy from previous time cards.

HCSS HeavyJob Testimonial

“With HeavyJob, guys with relatively no computer experience at all are now entering and sending daily time card data instead of driving long distances to deliver paper time sheets back to the office. HeavyJob is easy to use for anyone!”

Testimonials  Jeff Fuerst
  Vice President 

  Illinois Civil Contractors, Inc. 

HeavyJob lets you eliminate errors like those that result from illegible handwriting. Validating your data cuts down on miscommunication between the field and the office, saving time and money.

HCSS HeavyJob Testimonial

“What’s so great about the HeavyJob software is it’s in a very easy-to-follow sequence...For a foreman who has never used a computer, it’s very simple. I had all our foremen turning in their time the second day they had HeavyJob in their hands. They never missed a beat. Basically, they threw their paper and pencils away.” 

Testimonials  Scott Thronberry
  Operations Manager

  T+C Contracting 

With HeavyJob, you'll never need to re-enter employee hours into a job cost spreadsheet or your accounting system again. That time savings means you can focus more on job planning and execution. 

Reduce errors by making sure everything is in the right place. Time card validation and preflight checklists help ensure that all your data is squared away. You can also eliminate double- and triple-entry of costs and figures. Let HeavyJob do the heavy lifting and sync your info with accounting.
Developed over 25 years ago, HCSS has become the industry leader in construction software. HeavyJob has been around since 1998 and is the top choice for job management. 

HeavyJob is trusted by the most recognized names in construction.

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HeavyJob wins, year after year.

Roads & Bridges

Contractor's Choice Award

Gold - 2013


Roads & Bridges

Contractor's Choice Award

Gold - 2012


Roads & Bridges

         Contractor's Choice Award                             
Gold - 2011


Get daily costs and productions with in-depth reporting.

  • Measure your performance against your budget every day. With daily analysis of cost and production rates, you don’t have to wait for monthly round-ups to know how you’re doing. 

  • Compare production results with your estimate and measure your crews and equipment against your targets.  

  • Catch potential problems early with in-depth reporting and monitoring.

HCSS HeavyJob Testimonial

"Best comment from a field Superintendent user of HeavyJob. He called one day and was so excited. He told me that he was making money on this one item and proceeded to tell me how much money he anticipated to make on that item. At that moment I realized the light bulb came on for him, the software was able to help him with more than just being an automated timesheet. It really works."

Testimonials  Doug Shealy

 Vice President 
 Mosser Construction Inc.

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Document everything. Never lose another piece of data.

Capture every piece of data you need with tools for tracking diary entries, equipment, or even weather.

  • Daily diaries
  • Photos
  • Weather                        
  • Quantities
  • Safety meetings
  • Fuel                                         
  • Subcontractors
  • Material
  • Weather conditions                  
You can also easily find all of these items, because HeavyJob will store them by job and date for easy recall.
Say goodbye to your file cabinets. HeavyJob makes it easy to track all your data in one place and get user and revision history to support any claims.
Reduce follow-up questions by ensuring that every employee and hour is recorded. Tools for hours reconciliation and employee notes let you track missing hours, training exercises, and reasons for missing work.

  Choose the device that meets your needs.

  • Whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, HeavyJob will help you get the job done. Compatible formats include Windows desktops and laptops, Apple iOS devices, and Android devices. Use what works for you. 

  • You don’t have to be online, either. HeavyJob’s offline functionality lets you manage your jobs, keeping track of everything you need. All you have to do is sync up once you’re back online.

HeavyJob Mobile Passes the Foreman Test at American Infrastructure

When American Infrastructure needed a mobile timecard and job management solution, they began their evaluation with a novel approach: They went right to the foremen. The company gave a group of foremen four different apps to sample, including HeavyJob Mobile. The goal was to see which one would be the easiest to use without any instructions. 

The result? HeavyJob Mobile “was the obvious choice,” said Eugene Eshbach, Manager of Construction Information and Process at American Infrastructure. “All others had an input method that required the user to constantly flip between screens to enter employees, equipment, and production quantity.”



The data you need to run operations.

HeavyJob is built to help you streamline your operations. From efficiently approving time cards to running reports, you can implement the best practices for your business quickly and easily.

HCSS HeavyJob Testimonial

"I have found that using the Advanced Budget Types in Heavy Job has allowed my team and I to more accurately do our monthly cost to complete meetings because it allows for another tier of checks and balances for cost to dates. Recently it helped determine an approx. $10,000 material savings."

Testimonials  Brett Sheets

 Assistant Project Manager 
 Kelchner, Inc.

HeavyJob isn’t meant to replace your accounting system, but to supplement it with rich features specifically dedicated to operations, including:

  • Forecasting
  • Pay Estimates
  • T&M Billing
  • Subcontractor Billing
  • Quantity Adjustments
  • Change Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Reports
  • Time Card Management
  • Overtime Adjustments
  • Robust User Rights/Access
For an additional cost, Data Integration Studio can take you a step further and pull information from your accounting system directly into HeavyJob, customized specifically for your needs. You can also use the TrueUp feature to make sure that operations and accounting are always on the same page.

Send directly to payroll and eliminate post-payroll errors.

6 payroll person

  • Export to payroll quickly and easily, so you don’t have to worry about missing or inaccurate information.   

  • Integrate with more than 30 accounting systems. See accounting systems.

  • You can also review exceptions before you submit to payroll, and multiple levels of approval ensure that you’re exporting the right data for the right job.   


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We've worked with over 3,500 heavy construction companies over the last 26 years. Our software has set the industry standard for streamlining companies operations and affecting their bottom line.

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HCSS HeavyJob Testimonial

“With HeavyJob, guys with relatively no computer experience at all are now entering and sending daily time card data via e-mails instead of driving long distances to deliver paper time sheets back to the office. HeavyJob is easy to use for anyone!”

Testimonials  Jeff Fuerst
  Vice President 

  Illinois Civil Contractors, Inc. 

HCSS HeavyJob Testimonial

“I like the way our field personnel can get instantaneous feedback on their production per labor hour as well as other data important to them. We interface with our Timberline accounting system, eliminating the need for our payroll clerks to re-enter data. They tell me the input screens in HeavyJob make inputting data easier than in Timberline, so we try to do as much of our payroll as possible in HeavyJob before transferring it to Timberline. Our project managers tell me HeavyJob is the best thing we have going for them.”

Testimonials  Randy Lanser

  Silver Star Construction 

HCSS HeavyJob Testimonial

“Having the ability to track costs as can be done with HeavyJob is a dream come true...We are getting insight on daily costs that we never had before. I congratulate HCSS on a well thought-out system.”

Testimonials  Keith Sullivan
 Waters Construction Company, Inc.  

HCSS HeavyJob Testimonial

“Using HeavyJob, I am able to see notes and items that are great documentation of confrontations or problems on a job. This is great for documenting delays beyond our control.”

Testimonials  Matt Aker

 Project Manager 
 Silver Star Construction

Summers-Taylor, Inc. wanted an estimating system with the capability to integrate job production quantities and costs. Four months later, they purchased HeavyJob and successfully integrated it with HeavyBid and their Hardhat accounting software..

Read the Case Study

Young Contractors, a subsidiary of the Knife River Corporation, began using HeavyBid in 1998. Their results with HeavyBid were so successful that they considered the benefits of incorporating HeavyJob to manage their jobs. Now, only a short time after their initial HeavyJob purchase, they operate with a 12-user HeavyJob/Manager system and 40 HeavyJob/Field systems. Young Contractors has quickly become the largest HeavyJob customer in the state of Texas.

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