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Pipeline contractors of all sizes use HCSS software to help them go paperless in order to save time, increase accuracy and minimize the possibility of costly mistakes.

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Pipeline Contractor Software

There are hundreds of pipeline contractors across North America that successfully implement HCSS products to estimate and track production on all civil construction disciplines, including pipelines and underground utilities. When it comes specifically to pipelines and estimating software for pipeline contractors, HCSS understands that the needs are unique as much will depend on the route and terrain of a pipeline project as well as the season of construction and crew activity.

When preparing a bid for the utility component of a heavy construction project like pipelines, there is a lot of work involved; especially if done manually using paper drawings. HCSS offers construction estimating software to help pipeline contractors of all sizes increase bidding accuracy, go paperless, save time and minimize the possibility of costly mistakes.

Estimating Software with Your Utility Takeoff Data

Utility takeoff software can create sanitary and storm drainage calculations including your self-identified trench profiles for the linear feet required for pipeline excavation and backfill. HCSS does not currently offer takeoff software, but information from many takeoff softwares can be uploaded into HeavyBid via Excel import allowing you to quickly assign costs, save time, minimize mistakes, and increase accuracy.

HeavyBid software excels at capturing the cost of materials, the ability to make last minute changes across the entire estimate, and being able to break down work tasks to a much higher level of detail without complicating the estimating procedure.

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Send your pipeline cost estimate data to HCSS HeavyJob where you will be able to easily track your project and gather production history for future bids. Our bidding software is scalable to fit your company’s needs and helps streamline your entire construction estimating process so you can get accurate bids out the door in significantly less time.

Case Study

Read how the estimators and project management team at Loenbro Pipeline Company used HCSS software to help manage time, materials, equipment, and manpower for a pipeline project in North Dakota that resulted in 250 miles of pipeline laid, 95 miles of ditch dug, and 900,000 yards of material moved.


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Pipeline Software Features

Time Cards & Project Management

Save time with paperless time cards and material tracking

Project management and job costing for pipeline contractors and concrete estimators can be a challenge, but with HeavyJob it’s never been easier.

With time cards, quantity tracking and more on your phone or tablet, you can be more productive in your utility pipeline management processes.

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Digital Plan Management

Avoid rework by keeping everyone in sync

Ability to replace your paper plans to digital plans, measure completed work and send pipeline cost estimate data back to HeavyJob.


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demolition plans software

Production Planner

Turn every job into a profitable job

A module within HeavyJob that allows users to enter what-if scenarios for labor, equipment, and production quantities to ‘plan’ the best use of resources required to make budget for each pipeline activity.

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