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Have Clear Insight Into the Completed and Planned Work

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Have Clear Insight Into the Completed and Planned Work

Construction owners and executives choose to use HCSS software throughout their organization because it gives them more accurate information from the field in a timely manner while also helping to standardize their estimating, project management, and data reporting processes. Our software also helps streamline communication between the office and field to help ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

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Case Study

Read why the owners of Waters Construction decided to work with HCSS and how company personnel on the executive level use HCSS software on a daily basis to gather data and empower staff to improve their business.

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Manage Data Across All Projects

Learn about some of the other HCSS software features that owners and executives in the construction industry use on a daily basis.

Exceed in Data Reporting

Pull relevant data to create dashboards and identify trends so you know if you are making or losing money on each job to protect your bottom line.

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Daily Insights for Your Company

Easily create daily, automated reports that can be shared with internal and external teams.

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Coordinate Across All Project Stakeholders

Eliminate errors that come with paperwork and catch any cost coding mistakes by connecting with your estimators, foremen, and contractors about current and future plans.

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HCSS works with more than 4,000 of the best construction companies in North America.

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use HCSS as their trusted software resource.

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