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HCSS offers concrete estimating software to help contractors of all sizes go paperless in order to increase accuracy, save time, and minimize the possibility of costly mistakes.

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Concrete Estimator Software

Commonly used as the surface material for heavy construction projects like highways and bridges, concrete has played a significant role in the construction and repair maintenance of the interstate highway system. When preparing a construction bid for the concrete portion of a heavy civil project there is a lot of work involved, especially if done manually using paper drawings.

HCSS understands that concrete estimators need to produce highly detailed estimates that account for more than just how many cubic yards of concrete or tons of rebar are needed. They look closely at the constructability of the project, potential obstacles to production, and the details of how the structure will go together that impact prep work, forming, pouring, and finishing. Concrete estimator software gives estimators the ability to build a system that relieves them of having to remember the repetitive details.

Estimating Software with Your Concrete Takeoff Data

Estimating software with your Concrete Pour

HeavyBid is designed to bid estimated costs and produce proposals that span across all civil industries and disciplines including concrete and asphalt paving. Estimators commonly use HCSS concrete estimating software because it makes the estimating process more accurate, easier, and more efficient. HeavyBid’s versatility allows concrete estimators to break complex problems into solvable pieces that accurately reflect the costs.

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Concrete takeoff software is used to calculate the cubic yards required for slabs, footers, and walls and also to generate quantities for reinforcement, accessories, and finishes. HCSS can import your takeoff information into HeavyBid, allowing you to quickly assign costs to your concrete bid items.

Then, send your concrete cost estimate data to HeavyJob where you will be able to easily track your project and gather concrete production history for future bids. Our concrete bidding software is scalable to fit your company’s needs and helps streamline your entire construction estimating process so you can get accurate bids out the door in significantly less time.

Case Study

Read how the owners and project managers of Kokosing Construction Company used HeavyBid on all phases of the estimating and post-bid handoff process for a dam-raising project in Brilliant, Ohio that included cast-in-place concrete training walls.

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Concrete Software Features

Time Cards & Project Management

Save time with paperless time cards and quantity tracking

Project management and job costing for paving estimators and contractors can be a challenge, but with HeavyJob it’s never been easier.

With quantity tracking, time cards, and more right on your phone or tablet, you can be more productive in your asphalt and concrete paving management processes.

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earthwork estimating software

Digital Plan Management

Avoid paving rework by keeping everyone in sync

Ability to convert your paper plans to digital plans, measure completed work, and send paving quantities back to HeavyJob.

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demolition plans software
demolition plans software

Production Planner

Turn every paving activity into a profitable job

A module within HeavyJob that allows users to enter what-if scenarios for labor, equipment, and production quantities to ‘plan’ the best use of resources required to make budget for each asphalt and paving activity.

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