Empower Every Employee for Efficiency with HCSS Software

Better, Data-Driven Decisions.
Just 0.25% of Revenue.

Our Unlimited User Plan gives you unlimited users and access to our core suite of the most trusted estimating, operations, and fleet management software, so every aspect of your business can be efficient, collaborative, and data driven.

For just 0.25% of your revenue—or less—every member of your team can have full access to the tools they need, whether it’s to help with large tasks or small. No cost-benefit analysis needed on whether it’s worth purchasing a user a license; give everyone what they need, always, for the same low price. Plus, our products scale up with you, allowing you to grow your business more efficiently and do more with less.

See the Difference the Right Tools & Data Make

It all starts with a good estimate, incorporating actual data from the field and fleet for accuracy. Communicate estimator intentions at every step of the process, with project managers, foremen, dispatchers, and anyone else who needs them able to access estimator notes in a few keystrokes as they manage work in the integrated HCSS platform. 

Save your foremen and workers in the field time entering data and equip them with real-time cost and production feedback so they can make better, money-saving decisions. 

Accurate, real-time field data and automated reporting makes it simple to see trends and catch mistakes early. Empower the office with tools built specifically for the heavy construction workflow. 

When every employee is contributing to health and safety efforts, it’s a culture of accountability – not a top-down initiative. Make your safety program robust, efficient, and easy to measure.

Make smarter equipment decisions and better track costs and resources. Build a proactive maintenance program that keeps your fleet working hard for you. 

No Limits on Efficiency: Everyone Who Needs a Tool Can Use It

Never again have to ration access to the tools your people need to do their jobs well. Improve productivity, engagement, and decision making by equipping every employee with the right tool for the job. Plus, billing has never been simpler; no matter how many users and products you add, your cost is always based on the same, small percentage of revenue.


Bid faster and smarter with estimating software trusted by 50,000+ heavy construction estimators.


Seamless, paperless field entry, project management, job costing and more that effortlessly generate key decision-making data. 

HCSS Safety

Go beyond forms management with a simple-to-use, comprehensive system that helps you build a culture of safety and education.

HCSS Dispatcher

Efficiently schedule crews, equipment, tools, and rentals across your company in one, easy-to-use system. 


Proactively manage your most expensive asset to keep your fleet running at peak efficiency. 

HCSS Plans

Get accurate and up-to-date building plans and drawings in the hands of every stakeholder for better collaboration.

HCSS Intelligence (Basic offering only)

Leverage data to give you powerful insight with dashboards and tools built specifically for heavy construction. 


Manage all your different fuel and fluid systems in one, simple system to better control expenses.

Your Success is Our Guarantee

HCSS is the trusted leader in estimating, operations, and fleet software. Every HCSS software purchase is backed by a 12-month money-back guarantee, so you can feel confident in your decision to partner with us.

Our 24/7 Instant Support is always available to help you improve your understanding of the products and answer questions that may come up along the way. A live technician will answer your call in three rings or less.

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