How Campos EPC Saves Time, Money, and Streamlines Operations Using HCSS

Campos EPC optimized operations and saved its utility client over $120M in negotiated construction costs

Pain Points

Campos EPC, an industry leader in procurement and construction, offers execution and design services for companies in the utility industry. To better serve their customers, many of whom are still estimating with spreadsheets, Campos EPC sought out a more efficient solution that easily integrates with others systems.

Plan of Attack

To help their customers move away from estimating in spreadsheets, Campos EPC brought on HeavyBid as part of their target price estimating and negotiations processes. With the level of accuracy and detail that HeavyBid estimates offer, their involvement with customers has grown, allowing them to perform total cost estimates that are encapsulated within one template.

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"HeavyBid really helps us plug the numbers in, get it organized, and showcase it with a bottom-up approach."

- Michael Saliba, Principal, Campos Precision


Streamlined Operations For Quicker Completion of Turnkey Estimates

Unlike with spreadsheets, Campos EPC and its customers are able to integrate their estimating processes with scheduling, accounting, and more, creating a feedback loop that has improved efficiency and accuracy.

More Detailed Estimates Based on Historical Rates

More Detailed Estimates Based on Historical Rates

Established Pricing Consistency

The implementation of HeavyBid has allowed Campos EPC and its customers to establish a detailed historical database that keeps pricing consistent across the board.

More Negotiating Power

Detailed estimates from HeavyBid have allowed Campos EPC estimators to evaluate their customer’s estimates against contractor bids at the bid-item level to come to an agreed-upon cost basis.

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