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Providing Help to Texas

When disaster strikes in Texas, we update this page to communicate both our own relief efforts and other resources that can help. Anyone in our community can get help or donate resources below.

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Do You Need Help

We are currently booking appointments for the week of March 8th.

When a plumber is available, they will assess your home and determine if your need qualifies you for free assistance. If so, they will attempt to get the water back on in a portion of the house and evaluate what it will take to do so in the entire house.

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Click below to donate to the #SaveTEXAS Plumbing repairs in Texas. Thank you so much to those who have already contributed.

Is this work being done for free?

This plumbing company has spent tens of thousands of dollars on supplies and is paying their plumbers to be in Houston to help us. If you can pay, you will be charged a normal, non-inflated rate. The purpose of the donation page is to raise funds to offset the expense of fixing problems for those who cannot pay. If you can, please donate so that more in need can be helped.

2021 Winter Storm across Texas

American Professional Plumbing Services, from Leesburg, WV, is sending 13 master plumbers to the Houston area to help our community recover from the impact of the 2021 winter storm. We are so very thankful for the help they are providing to the community by doing this!

To read more about American Professional Plumbing Services, please visit their website.

Click here to see the Channel 2 news report about this help.

Click here to donate towards the group’s plans to help communities in need.

Thank You to Our Donors

Companies, families, and individuals donated money and supplies to our relief efforts. We can’t thank each of you enough.