PG&E: South Yuba Box Flume Reconstruction

Project Description

Hydro Construction mobilized a team of 28 crew members in response to the wind-damaged South Yuba Box Flume. Approximately 372 linear feet of the box flume were damaged by fallen trees in 11 separate locations.

PG&E initiated the work by ensuring the site was safe, assessing the damage, completing an extensive material takeoff, accounting for the materials on hand at Spaulding, ordering the new materials, assigning crew makeups, and mobilizing the crew and equipment to the site, all in the matter of a couple days. The crews were able to quickly adapt to the field conditions and go to work utilizing two A-star helicopters for support of demolition and reconstruction of the box flume and lennon flume substructure.

What makes it interesting?

Over the course of 16 days, the project team performed 872 helicopter picks in order to fly materials in and out of the flume sites. The team experienced one major snow storm and freezing cold temperatures in the middle of the project. Although the work conditions were rough, PG&E safely restored the damaged box flume and returned it to operations two days ahead of schedule.

How HCSS Software assisted with the Project.

The South Yuba Box Flume was the first project that was estimated by PG&E using HeavyBid. It became one of the company’s training estimates that is now used to train its Project Execution team.

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