Veit: Radio Tower Bay on the St. Louis River

Project Description

The Radio Tower Bay project consisted of dredging 115,000 cubic yards of wood waste (slabs, chips, and sawdust) deposited by saw mills in the 1890s in Radio Tower Bay on the St. Louis River and pumping to an 8-acre dewatering facility built on top of an old slag landfill on a nearby superfund site at old US Steel Duluth Steel Mill. Dredged wood and sediment was broken down with a grinder and pumped as a slurry over one mile to the dewatering facility.

What makes it interesting?

By removing the 4-8 feet of sawmill debris, this project provides jobs, improves the fishing industry, provides recreational access, and cleaner water in the bay.

How HCSS Software assisted with the Project.

HeavyBid was used to create a successful bid by building custom crews and equipment setup needed for this specialized product. HeavyJob was used to track and manage the project.

Veit leverages technology to digitize its workflows in order to provide field crews access to all available project information and the ability to collaborate with all project team members.


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