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What is HCSS Forms?

HCSS Forms is a flexible, user-driven fill-in and fillable forms solution to help you go paperless on your job sites.
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Fill-In and Fillable Forms Tool

help your job sites go paperless.

Key Benefits

  • HCSS Forms is a flexible user-driven forms solution for HCSS customers.
  • Fill-In Forms are like Google Forms that are easy-to-fill online forms with dropdowns, job pickers, and many other configurable field types.
  • Fillable Forms let mobile users fill in pixel-perfect PDF forms and send them into the management portal.
  • Configure as many fill-in and fillable forms as you’d like.
  • HCSS Forms is a complimentary with the purchase of HeavyJob, HCSS Safety, or HCSS Fleet Management.

NETWORK OPTIONS   |   Connected or disconnected (works anywhere you are)

Why You Need HCSS Forms

Reduce paper forms and documents, and access all of your forms from any mobile device.
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Go Paperless

Stop using pen and paper to complete your documents. Instead, use electronic fill-in forms and complete fillable PDFs – with digital signatures – and submit them directly to electronic storage or distribute them as needed.

Works Wherever You Are

HCSS Forms works connected or disconnected, so you can access and complete your tasks without Internet connectivity or a data plan, and they’ll be submitted once you’re connected.

Complimentary for HCSS Customers

HCSS Forms is free with the purchase of HeavyJob, HCSS Safety, or Equipment360 to help streamline your processes throughout your business.

How to Use HCSS Forms

With HeavyJob

Add HCSS Forms to HeavyJob to capture information using daily forms, fields forms, job completion forms, owner-mandated forms, government forms, and HR forms to streamline your job operations.

With HCSS Safety

Enhance your world-class safety culture by using electronic forms like safety work permits, fillable-form JSAs, and quality checklists.

With Equipment360

Data like run time, fault codes, and fuel information can help improve productivity across your entire company.
HCSS Forms Product Screenshot

Next Steps

Like what you see so far? Take the next step toward going completely paperless.

Already an HCSS Customer?

If you already own HeavyJob, HCSS Safety, or Equipment360, ask your HCSS administrator to add HCSS Forms through the Credentials portal.

In the meantime…

HCSS Forms is a free product, so ask your sales rep about it during your conversations about HeavyJob, HCSS Safety, or Equipment360.