HCSS Safety

Construction Safety Software for COR Compliance in Canada

Eliminate paper from your safety program. Get all the pieces for Certificate of Recognition (COR) compliance.

We Help You Build Comprehensive Safety Processes While Reducing Your Safety Admin Time.

HCSS Safety focuses on leading indicators. By collecting and analyzing safety records before any work starts, you can control things that could cause a near-miss or incident after the work starts. Plus, HCSS Safety includes record-keeping and reporting features that can be used for COR compliance.

Learn from past jobs, prepare for future jobs, and pivot safety efforts when needed.

Includes expert-created content specifically for Canada.

Safety Showcase

We Can Help You Meet COR Compliance, No Matter What Province You’re In.

Safety Meetings

Maintain paperless records of all your Safety meetings. Toolbox Talks included - no more searching for talks online.

Daily Hazard Assessments / FLHA / JHA

Plan for safety, identify hazards, establish controls, and communicate with your crews. Templates included.


Manage your entire inspections and audit workflow in one place. Project and equipment inspections included.


By collecting observations, you can teach your crews to understand and act on what they see every day.

Near Miss

Our near-miss reporting helps you take proper preventative actions, fast. Set custom alerts.


In case of an incident, we’ll prompt you through any necessary paperwork. All additional safety records can be exported in just a few clicks.

Also Included With HCSS Safety

HCSS Skills

Keep all your employee skills and certifications in one easy to manage place with weekly alerts on expiring certifications.

QR Solutions

Use HCSS Safety QR codes on your jobsite to streamline logging an observation, checking a crew member’s certifications, or pulling up the inspection form linked to that piece of equipment.

Don’t Have a Safety Manager? Working Towards COR Certification?

Accelerate your timeline to COR Certification. Our Canadian construction safety experts can be your safety partner and help you build a long-lasting, effective safety program.

Get a Return On Your Safety Investment

You may also be eligible for COR rebates.

Short Term

Save admin costs. HCSS Safety can reduce your Safety admin time by 33% or more.

Reduce your exposure to a fine. With all your safety data in one place, you can keep a better eye on possible compliance issues so your fines don’t multiply across job sites.

Don’t waste resources. Because you can see and measure the results of your safety program, you can pivot as needed.

Long Term

Reduce Your TRIF. When you can focus on your safety program instead of paperwork, you can create positive changes.

Be eligible to bid more and win more. With COR certification and a strong safety record, you may be eligible to bid on more projects and win more projects.

Increase Communication and Break Down Silos In Your Business

With all your business data in one place, everyone in your company can find information and make data-driven decisions.

HCSS Safety integrates seamlessly with all other HCSS software, including HeavyJob and Equipment360. We also integrate with external applications such as HR, LMS, and accounting systems.

Curious to learn more?

What is COR?

The Certificate of Recognition program (COR or CORTM) is an occupational health and safety accreditation program. If a company is COR certified, it has a safety & health program which meets national standards.

COR is now frequently used as a pre-qualifier and a condition of contract by public and private project owners across Canada. Increasingly, construction companies that are not COR compliant cannot bid on projects.

Although COR is the national standard, COR must be attained in each province or territory where the company works.

HCSS Safety and COR

HCSS Safety gives you all the pieces you need to get and maintain COR certification. With HCSS Safety, we provide workplace hazard assessments, training and communication, inspections, investigations and reporting, paperless records, and statistics.

COR certified companies may qualify for financial rebates to offset the costs of HCSS Safety. The rebates are distributed by province.