The Numbers Are In: HeavyBid Helps Contractors in Virginia Win More Bids at Better Prices

According to the Department of Transportation's 2021 data, HCSS HeavyBid helps customers be more competitive in the bidding process. Download our case study to see exactly how you stack up to HeavyBid contractors.

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See just how much HeavyBid helps your contractors in your state bid faster and smarter. You'll find out:

  • The average number of state bids submitted with HeavyBid versus without HeavyBid
  • The number of HeavyBid users that worked on estimating and bidding projects in your state
  • How much money the average HeavyBid user leaves on the table compared to their competition
  • How 4,000+ companies across the US use HeavyBid to solve their top estimating problems

Not in Virginia? Find your state here.

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