Certification Exam

Test your knowledge of the functions and features of HeavyBid

About the Exam

The HCSS HeavyBid Certification Exam tests candidates on their knowledge of the functions and
features of the HCSS HeavyBid estimating system.

  •  A general knowledge of Heavy/Highway and site development construction is also necessary to pass the exam.
  • The exam has a time limit to illustrate the speed and accuracy with which estimates can be produced in HeavyBid.
  • The exam is taken online with a live proctor.
  • Record of this achievement will be emailed in the form of a PDF and will be a numbered certificate issued by HCSS.
  • It is highly encouraged that you review the handbook prior to registering for the exam.


The person holding an HCSS HeavyBid Certification Exam certificate can contribute to virtually any estimating department at a high level with minimal instruction.


Benefits to the Estimator

  • Nationally recognized certification of estimating skills as related to the use of HeavyBid by HCSS.
  • Increases the estimator’s knowledge of HeavyBid in preparation for the test.
  • Enhances the estimator’s image as a professional to your employer, clients, and the public.
  • Provides a marketable credential that sets you apart.


Benefits to the Employer

  • Independent assessment of an employee’s skills and knowledge.
  • A Certified HeavyBid estimator has learned the software and can improve a company’s estimating system.


Benefits to the Owner/Client

  • Assurance that their project estimate will be efficiently, effectively, and accurately produced.
  • HeavyBid Certification can be used as a means to pre-qualify bidding contractors.

How It Works

Download the handbook and review the exam requirements and testing process. Study the content outlined in the handbook and review the sample questions.


Prepare for the exam by reviewing the supplemental training we provide through the HCSS Academy and through articles on the Help Site. When you feel confident in your understanding of the material, take our practice test to gauge your skills.


Register and pay your examination fees to get scheduled.

Download the Handbook

HeavyBid Certification Program
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