HCSS CEO with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

CEO Mike Rydin and Governor Ron Desantis

HCSS CEO Mike Rydin was recently at an event in Florida put on by the Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI) and was fortunate to sit at the dinner table with both Governor DeSantis and former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

As many of you know, Mike is active in conservative politics and is a fan of both DeSantis and Meadows as people who will stand up to political pressure and continue to do what they think is right when very few people, particularly in Washington, have the courage to do that. Mike himself, who is very appreciate of a country where he can build a business from scratch without an elite education, only supports and contributes to groups who are out to help all Americans and not just special interest groups. CPI is run by former Senator and former Heritage President Jim DeMint who, according to Mike “is one of the most honest people you will ever meet.”

Mike also adds: “although DeSantis is vilified in the mainstream press, because of how he was able to keep Florida open during most of COVID in a state full of retirees, he is likely to be a future President of the United States.”