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BOND Construction Controls 60+ Simultaneous Jobs with HeavyJob Project Management

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From headquarters in Sugar Land, TX right outside of Houston, HCSS is recognized as a pioneer and leader in construction software, with thousands of companies relying on the platform daily for all of their industry needs.

“[HeavyJob] Project Management provides a central hub for everything you need to track or access in managing a project.”

Jarrod LaRocco, BOND Civil & Utility Construction, Project Controls Manager


BOND Civil & Utility Construction, based in Medford, Massachusetts, has been a leading full-service, self-performing, civil and utility contractor since 1907. The company has delivered thousands of infrastructure projects for customers in education, healthcare, district energy & power generation, public authority, and corporate markets.

The company typically has more than 60 projects simultaneously underway, generating about $250 million in annual revenue. They have approximately 250 full-time employees, managing craft labor workers increases total headcount to range from 650 to 1,000 during peak construction periods.

Producing 60+ simultaneous projects at any given time, project management is critically important. BOND Civil & Utility needed to find a new project management solution that could outperform their existing system and unify their project management process across projects.


BOND Civil & Utility found the solution it needed in HeavyJob Project Management, a powerful module and standard feature of HeavyJob – HCSS software for operations, time cards and job-cost management.

Know exactly what's affecting your job's bottom line.

HeavyJob Project Management provides a tremendous expansion of the project management capabilities in HeavyJob. According to the BOND Civil & Utility Assistant Manager of Project Management, Zach O’Hara: “We immediately recognized its power… We knew we had found what we were looking for.”

Better Together: Integrated Project Data in One Location

Using HeavyJob Project Management in combination with other HCSS products – all designed to work together, namely HeavyBidHCSS Plans, and HCSS Safety – provides even more benefits. This is particularly true when compared to the alternative of using multiple applications from different vendors that don’t integrate well or at all.

For BOND Civil & Utility Construction, integration was a major “selling point.” Per O’Hara:
“Since everything is connected [with HeavyJob Project Management], we can pull specific cost reports, RFI and submittal information, and our plans all into one location. With our previous [project] management application things were kind of spread out amongst everything.”

How BOND Civil & Utility Construction Uses HeavyJob Project Management

Centralized Project Management: Keeping Teams in Sync

BOND Civil & Utility superintendents, field engineers, and foremen use HeavyJob Project Management as a centralized point to access all project files and information – including RFIs and submittals – to improve collaboration and communication across teams.

Project Visibility: Tracking the Data that Matters, All in One Place

BOND Civil & Utility uses the HeavyJob Project Management dashboard to track schedules, due dates, status reports, and other essential project elements. The dashboard also includes automatic data entry from HeavyJob electronic time cards and daily diaries.

project management daily log

Consolidating key data in one dashboard provides deep project visibility that’s easy to access and helps to ensure project success. Per LaRocco, BOND Civil & Utility Construction superintendents, field engineers, and foremen are encouraged to “look at production analysis every day [in HeavyJob Project Management] to see:

  • How many man-hours they’ve gained or lost
  • How many dollars gained or lost
  • What their unit production rate is versus budget

Project Records: On-Demand Access & Quick Reference

HeavyJob Project Management provides a centralized point for automatically storing all records for a project. Everyone knows where to find and can easily access the files they need. Beyond managing ongoing projects, you can also pull up information from past or other similar projects to reference on-demand.

Project Plans: Ensure Everyone is Working Off the Most Current Plans

According to O’Hara, integrating HeavyJob Project Management with HCSS Plans digital plans software allowed BOND Civil & Utility to “digitally manage and document the project from a plans perspective… to ensure everyone is working from the most current information.” Providing instant access to the most up-to-date plans helps keep teams in sync and reduces instances of rework.

Keeping Costs & Schedule On-Target

BOND Civil & Utility values the tight integration between estimating and the field achieved by integrating HeavyJob Project Management with HeavyBid. All bid information can be seamlessly accessed and pulled from HeavyBid, so superintendents and foremen can compare estimated time and materials against actual to help keep a project on schedule and on budget.

According to BOND Civil & Utility Construction:

  • “HeavyJob Project Management gives us transparency into performance, as well as diaries and everything that is happening on the project – including the ability to go back to the notes our estimator made when bidding the project.” – LaRocco
  • “Estimators like it because it makes it easy for them to search data on other projects… They can look up something like man-hour productivity factors for specific activities from our past jobs to better inform their bidding.” – O’Hara

Other Key Benefits

Since moving to HeavyJob Project Management, BOND Civil & Utility Construction has experienced a number of benefits, most importantly including:

  • Integrated project management
  • Production analysis to meet or beat forecasts
  • Forecasting to make better financial decisions
  • Uniform qualitative reporting
  • Mobility to allow more work in the field
  • Overall ease of software use

bond civil and utility

Read the full Case Study, including details of how BOND Civil benefited from using HeavyJob Project Management by clicking on the BOND logo above. To learn more about or to activate HeavyJob Project Management, please read the following section.

Get HeavyJob Project Management

If you already have HeavyJob, you can get started with HeavyJob Project Management by requesting access from your administrator today.

HeavyJob administrators – for assistance setting-up HeavyJob Project Management, please contact HCSS Support.

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