Accounting Integration

HCSS works with your accounting system to keep your data in sync

HeavyJob TrueUp

TrueUp brings in your cost data. It regularly compares your HeavyJob and accounting numbers and allows you to “true-up” HeavyJob with just a click of a button. These comparisons are made per cost type (such as labor, equipment, material, etc.) within each job’s cost code.


This feature can be purchased separately as an addition to your software. See your quote, or ask your sales representative for details.

TrueUp Fields

Listed below are the fields that can be compared and adjusted in HeavyJob. Provide your accounting credentials and database setup, and HCSS will map the fields between the two systems.

In cases where we can’t link directly to your accounting system, you can set up an export or create a database view instead. HCSS will provide the data requirements and assist by answering your questions during this process.

Cost Types


  • Labor cost
  • Equipment cost
  • Material cost
  • Subcontractor cost
  • Supplies cost
  • Misc cost
Hours & Quantities


  • Quantity completed
  • Labor hours
  • Equipment hours