Your equipment. Your shop. Right at your fingertips.

Equipment360 is maintenance software made specifically for the construction industry.

So fast and easy to use that anyone can pick it up, from the shop to the field.

Complete work orders and access equipment history in the field with your iPad.

Seamless integration with HCSS products gives you performance analysis that no one else can offer.

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See today's tasks on your dashboard.

Alerts let you keep an eye on preventive maintenance, field requests, due date alerts, inventory reorder levels, and more. By automating the process, you can stay one step ahead and never be caught short.

  • PM alerts
  • Field requests
  • Warranties
  • Inventory reorder levels
  • Due date alerts
  • Skill expirations
  • Certifications and licenses

Track important work orders at every stage, from creation to completion.

Automatically send email and/or text alerts to the people who need them. Send skill level alerts to HR; certificate and licensing alerts to accounting or compliance; field requests right to your mechanic; and more.

Assign work orders. Without the extra work.

Turn alerts into work orders with just three clicks. Yep. Three.

Easily see all your mechanics, and the status of their work orders, in the comprehensive Mechanic Planner view.

Drag and drop work orders to schedule your mechanics. It just takes a few simple moves to assign a work order to a mechanic or re-assign a work order.

iPad® or laptop entry for mechanics.

With the field-entry system, your mechanic can easily interact with his work orders. Enter things like time, parts information, service readings, notes, and view documents and attachments, all at once.

Get access to a detailed history of every piece of equipment, including:

  • Work orders
  • Accessory information
  • Attachment information
  • Reference Parts list
  • Utilization history
  • Active warranties
  • And more

Automatically build your mechanic’s time card every day, so you can streamline the review and submission process.

A time card solution that actually saves time.

Save time — and trees — by taking your time cards digital.

Electronic time cards increase accuracy and eliminate double entry. Using paper cards often means entering data twice in multiple systems, but Equipment360 gets rid of that double-handling and cuts down on the possibility of human error.

Shop managers can review and approve time cards on the screen.

Export approved time cards to your accounting or payroll department with one touch.

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Turbo-charge Equipment360 with HCSS integrations.

Import your meter readings directly from the source. Sync with HCSS GPS, The Dispatcher, time cards from HeavyJob, and FuelerPlus Field and Mobile.

Import your equipment locations directly from the source. Equipment360 gets even better when you incorporate detailed location history from HCSS GPS, The Dispatcher, FuelerPlus, and HeavyJob.

By connecting with the suite of HCSS programs, you can optimize your performance and stay on top of things like utilization rates and fuel costs, too. Pull in reported hours from HeavyJob time cards, crunch fuel data from FuelerPlus, and tie it together in one comprehensive equipment management service.

Make better asset management decisions.

HeavyBid is trusted by the most recognized names in construction, but it's also a great fit for companies of all sizes. HeavyBid comes in a variety of packages designed for everyone from the smallest subcontractors to largest multinational construction companies.

When analyzing cost and utilization data at the asset or fleet management level, it makes sense to view excavators next to excavators and haul trucks next to haul trucks.

Equipment360 organizes your assets by equipment groups or types to help you make better and quicker decisions.

Use Equipment360’s Asset Management screens to pick which specific cost types you’d like to include in your unit cost analysis. You can choose to include maintenance costs, fuel (with FuelerPlus integration), depreciation, or the equipment’s soft costs in your analysis over a specific date range or each equipment’s complete history.

View that information in a clear format that’s easy to understand. Equipment360 will show you a weighted average unit cost for the equipment group you are analyzing, plus the individual unit costs of your chosen assets. Use these screens to identify average, high, and low performing assets and revisit internal rental rates more often than annually with unit cost and utilization information available at your fingertips.

View the average utilization trends for your selected equipment group. Identify individual assets that are being under- or over-utilized. Choose two different ways to calculate and/or analyze your equipment utilization.

Use this information to communicate with your dispatcher to swap over-utilized equipment on specific jobs more often, so you don’t wear out a piece of equipment before its estimated asset life. Easily set and maintain internal rental rates with unit cost and utilization rate information available at your fingertips.

Easily manage your average age of fleet with Equipment360’s Asset Management tool. See remaining hours in stock for your equipment groups as well as individual assets. At a glance, identify which assets are coming up for replacement.

Compare asset costs over a user-defined time period. See the average cost per asset over the time period. See the relationship between period costs and lifetime asset cost at a glance as well.

Compare asset overall asset costs to similar assets and to the equipment group to identify high and low performing assets. Review the period cost graph with the equipment age graph to identify odd asset behaviors, such as new equipment with high maintenance costs or vice versa.

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Equpment360 Testimonial

"We are extremely excited to have this software at this stage and still have the opportunity to influence its further development. We see great potential in being able to more effectively control and track our repair and maintenance costs. We also see this as a huge step in making our shop more of a cost and revenue center, rather than just a very large overhead expense. Having the repair, maintenance, and cost history on all of our equipment will definitely help us with future decisions on selling and buying equipment."

Sample Image
JCasey Thompson

Project Coordinator

TCW Construction

Equpment360 Testimonial

"Equipment360 is a breakthrough in design and development for software; the new graphical interface is impressive. The system is very easy to manage work orders per mechanic, monitor how much work they have to do (both in number of tasks and hours of work). The system will forecast how long each task should take, based off prior work, then create a report of efficiency per mechanic—very powerful. The extensive set up will pay dividends in the first 12 months of implementation, and then huge returns in the future with very detailed history available at the touch of a button."

Sample Image
Glenn Hegel

Construction Systems Manager

American Infrastructure

Equpment360 Testimonial

"Equipment360 saves us money hugely by not processing paperwork anymore. Everything’s electronic, right on the screen. Our mechanics aren’t hunting down time sheets and paper records all the time.

Its probably saved me an hour, two hours a day. It’s probably saved the mechanics more than that."

Sample Image
Kurt Rutgers

Warehouse Manager

IMCO General Construction

Equpment360 Testimonial

"Equipment360 is a breakthrough in design and development for software; the new graphical interface is impressive. The system is very easy to manage work orders per mechanic, monitor how much work they have to do (both in number of tasks and hours of work). The system will forecast how long each task should take, based off prior work, then create a report of efficiency per mechanic—very powerful.

The extensive set up will pay dividends in the first 12 months of implementation, and then huge returns in the future with very detailed history available at the touch of a button."

Sample Image
Casey Dollon

Chief Executive Officer

Atlas Excavating, Inc.

Tech Helps Manage Equipment

Constructech - Feb 2013

Do you have a handle on your equipment? Or are the tasks associated with managing these key pieces of equipment taking up too much time during the average day?

These days it seems contractors are spending less time managing and approving the tedious tasks that used to take up the majority of their day. Part of this can be attributed to the fact modern IT systems have helped these companies successfully consolidate the many disparate tasks associated with accomplishing such tasks.

For example, heavy civil contractor Achen-Gardner Construction,, Chandler, Ariz., is using technology from HCSS,, Sugar Land, Texas, in order to better manage tasks associated with equipment. According to Mark Snyder, equipment manager, Achen-Gardner, the company has gone from managing its equipment by using an accounting software equipment module, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and reams of paperwork stuffed into filing cabinets, to a more streamlined and consolidated process.

According to HCSS, he was previously working more than 10 hours per day solely on the task of trying to manage 135 pieces of equipment, nine mechanics and shop personnel, timecards, parts orders, preventive maintenance schedules, and emergency field repairs.

He says, “I used to handle the equivalent of 18 ‘alerts’ per day. It took me a day and a half to write up the work orders, order the parts, and get all that into a mechanic’s hands. The workload wasn’t sustainable, and I needed a different system to manage the shop.”

Today Snyder turns dashboard alerts into work orders, orders parts, and is able to turn it all around to his mechanics before the first hour of his day is complete, according to HCSS.

This is due in part to implementing the Equipment360 product from HCSS a few years back. Not simply a module within the accounting system that helps to manage equipment, Equipment360 is a full-fledged software system for the service shop.

Using this product Snyder says he was able to get much better control of his project managers, his shop, and his inventory. And that deluge of alerts he would receive per day is now reduced to an average of six. It is numbers such as this that speaks to the power of well-managed preventative maintenance programs in construction.

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Component Recommended
Operating System Windows 7
Computer/Processor Intel Core i5/i7 or AMD Phenom II
Memory (RAM) 2GB or Higher
Disk Space 5GB + 3MB per estimate
Display 1280 x 1024 or higher
Component Recommended
Operating System Windows 2008 R2
Computer/Processor Dual Quad-Core Processors (AMD Opteron or Intel Xeon Series)
Memory (RAM) 8GB or Higher
Disk Space 10GB + 3MB per estimate
Hard Disk 15K RPM SAS-SCSI in RAID 1 or better configuration
NIC (Network Interface Card) 1GB
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