Dispatching. Like you've never done it before.

The Dispatcher helps your construction dispatching move away from magnet boards and spreadsheets and into a centralized scheduling system. 

Avoid downtime and delays
due to not having the right equipment or people on the job site when they are needed.

Reduce unnecessary rentals by finding owned equipment at the shop or idle on another job.

Automate routine tasks with easy-to-use software so your dispatcher can do the work of two.

Integrates with other HCSS software like GPS and HeavyJob to save time and improve reporting.

 Meet the magnet board of the future.

We've taken everything you know and love about your magnet board and made it smarter, faster, and more helpful. 
Never go hunting for equipment again..


“Where’s that excavator bucket I bought last month? In fact, where’s that excavator?!” Sound familiar?

With The Dispatcher, you’ll always know where your resources are: every piece of equipment, buckets and other attachments, your small tools and inventory items, even your employees. More than that, all of this critical information won’t be stuck in one guy’s head. With The Dispatcher, you get visibility about your valuable resources spread throughout the company. And that knowledge leads to better decisions on rentals and resource allocation.

The Dispatcher Testimonial

“With The Dispatcher, everybody in the company knows where everything and everybody is, and that’s a huge benefit. We print out a custom report in the evenings before we leave so that the next morning there is no question on where anything is.” 

Testimonials  Jerry Kennedy   
  Project Manager and Estimator
  L.N. Rothberg & Son, Inc. 

If you’re used to moving magnets around on a whiteboard, you’re already familiar with our most popular view: the Magnet Board. It looks and works just like a traditional magnet board.  To move a resource, simply use the mouse to drag it from one location to another.  

It’s so easy to use that we can train a back-up operator on the system in a matter of hours. We offer one-on-one online training that lets you learn the system without leaving the office.  And if your dispatcher suddenly becomes unavailable, our emergency training can have a backup operating your system in 24 hours.

The Dispatcher Testimonial

“The drag-and-drop system, as opposed to pen and paper or magnets, has saved me five to six hours a week. With The Dispatcher now, I can keep track of all my buckets and attachments. … No more spending days looking for the small stuff.” 

 Wendell Witherite

    Glenn O. Hawbaker 

Don’t let the ease-of-use fool you. The Dispatcher has powerful automation built in to help you work faster. When you move a piece of equipment on the magnet board, the system automatically puts the piece on a move list where you can easily assign drivers.

The software also checks for conflicts so you don’t double-book resources. When you move a crew, the employees automatically get added to a call list with their contact information so you can notify them of the move. And it keeps a record of every move you make, so you can easily know where resources were in the past, present, and future.

All this and so much more can bring your dispatching office into the 21st century.

The Dispatcher Testimonial

“The Dispatcher changed the way we do dispatching. We didn’t think about all the features you guys have covered, but now that we know about them, we can’t live without them.”

Testimonials  John Wheeler

 Alpha Development Corporation 

Manage today. Plan for tomorrow.

The planner view lets you get a handle on your schedule. With the fast click & drag operation, you can schedule resources days, weeks, or years in advance in just a few seconds. 

  • Allocate resources efficiently so you can get the most out of your owned equipment. By scheduling ahead, you can see future gaps or double-bookings and make the needed changes.
  • Avoid downtime due to not having the right resources on the right job at the right time.
  • Minimize rentals due to last-minute requests and emergency needs.
  • Communicate the schedule to all of your operations so that everyone is on the same page.

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Visually locate your equipment. Never lose another piece.

The map view lets you see the big picture and know exactly where your resources are.

Sometimes, choosing the right resource means choosing the closest one. We team up with Microsoft® Bing™ Maps to show you where your equipment and crews are, relative to each other and to your job sites. Want to locate the D8 closest to that new job? You’re one search away.

And if you choose to enhance your system with HCSS GPS, we’ll show your equipment moving on the map in real time.

Don’t plan your moves in the dark. Switching over to the map view can help you get a better feel for distance and time, and then choose the right moves that make sense for your company.

With HCSS GPS, The Dispatcher gets a little boost that can amount to tons of savings on your end — from theft prevention to increased production.

Real-time tracking. We’ll show you those dozers, dump trucks, and pavers moving on your screen, whether they’re working locally or crossing state borders. You’ll know when they enter and exit job sites and quarries, and even when they stray on a detour. This level of tracking means no more lost or stolen equipment for your company. And we never purge your HCSS GPS data, so you can review your fleet history at any time.

Production analysis. So you know where your equipment pieces are, but do you know what they’re doing, or how they’re performing? We’ll tell you when that dump truck was turned on, whether it’s been idling on the job, how many times it raised its bed, and how many cycles it took to get the job done. We can even calculate the number of tons it hauled and how much it’ll cost you. And with our real-time production graphs, you can recognize problem areas immediately and make changes while the job is still in progress.

And more. Beyond location tracking and production analysis, HCSS GPS can show your dispatcher the current equipment utilization, speed up your fuel tax reporting by analyzing equipment mileage by state, and much more.

 Track all of your past, present, and future rentals.

Rentals are an inevitable part of the business, but they don't have to be a hassle.
Use the rental module to track costs and due dates so you can rent with confidence.


  • Know your estimated rental costs on a daily basis. No more surprises after you get your monthly invoice.
  • Constant visibility of due dates and overdue equipment let you avoid fees and take advantage of free days left on your weekly or monthly rentals.
  • Make better rent/buy decisions with the built-in analysis and reports.
  • Rental history tracks why each piece was rented, what job it was used for, and which foreman used it.


Gain insights...from reports you never had.

Keeping track of your spending, equipment, and other data can feel like a battle.
But with automated reporting, you can get daily updates that help you stay in control.


Integrate with GPS and time cards.

By integrating with other software like HeavyJob, HCSS GPS, Equipment360, or FuelerPlus, you can get up-to-the-minute location data on all your equipment, as well as easy syncing with time cards, shop management, and more.  

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned, like when you have 10 dump trucks stacked idle at a job site and production grinds to a halt. It happens, and chances are you wouldn’t know about it until it’s too late to make a difference.

Not with HCSS GPS, though. We provide real-time graphing on truck stacks, job site production, and load counts so you can identify problems as they occur or predict potential issues before they happen. That means you have the time and information to make changes in the field and avoid costly delays. Data plans start as low as $10 per month, with multiple plans and device types available.

If you integrate The Dispatcher with HCSS GPS and HeavyJob, our job management solution, you can get better data from the field and make better decisions and improve operations.

Save your foremen valuable data-entry time by pushing crews and equipment from The Dispatcher directly to HeavyJobtimecards. Check equipment hours from HCSS GPS against reported hours on HeavyJob timecards. Quickly resolve discrepancies using the True-Up features in The Dispatcher and get a better grasp of utilization.

If you have Equipment360 or FuelerPlus to manage your fuel or shop operations, you can make them even better by integrating with The Dispatcher. Easily push equipment schedules and updates directly from The Dispatcher to Equipment360 and FuelerPlus, so you always know where equipment is supposed to be.


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The Dispatcher Testimonial

“The Dispatcher has turned out to be a great asset to our company. The ability to make move lists and track resource locations at the same time makes it very simple to keep track of our equipment.”

Testimonials  Matt Aker
  Project Manager 

  Silver Star Construction 

The Dispatcher Testimonial

“The drag and drop system as opposed to pen and paper or magnets has saved me 5 to 6 hours a week. With The Dispatcher now, I can keep track of all my buckets and attachments... No more spending days looking for the small stuff.”

Testimonials  Wendell Witherite

 Glenn O. Hawbaker  

The Dispatcher Testimonial

“The analysis in The Dispatcher has taught me things about my operations that I didn’t know over the last 20 years.”

Testimonials  Jeff Clampa

 Operations Manager 
 Aggregate Industries

Ford Construction Company once suffered the cost of missing buckets, time wasted looking for equipment attachments, and unnecessary rental expenses. But with The Dispatcher, Ford now has total control of its equipment fleet, and has become an award recipient for its innovative solutions.

Read the Case Study

As T+C Contracting grew larger with a younger workforce, its operations had to quickly evolve to stay ahead of the competition in lean times.

T+C realized the trick is not to out-muscle their competition, but to outsmart them. And to do just that, T+C turned to HCSS software, including The Dispatcher, to provide smarter logistics, better project management, and more accurate records.

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