Construction Quality Management for Quality-Centric Organizations.

Reduce the cost of rework and help improve your company reputation with construction quality control & management software from HCSS.

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Consistently apply quality control processes across all jobs.

Avoid Material Failures.

Use Material Control feature to determine material needs, quality characteristics, testing schedules as per the contract specifications. Capture and submit the Test Reports electronically or through the Submittals module.

Minimize Rework due to Noncompliance.

Ensure all activities are performed as per Standards / Contract Specification by creating a comprehensive Quality Inspection Plan. Perform field inspections (internally or through Subs) and capture the results electronically.

Ensure timely resolution of issues.

Initiate Corrective Actions and link them to the relevant source (e.g. Material Test Results or Inspections). Assign corrective actions to the concerned staff (crew / subs / suppliers) electronically and monitor the status until they are resolved.

Never miss any QC Task.

Use Email Notifications / Reminders / Alerts to inform the assigned user about a task or action to be completed as per the schedule or deadline. Easily track all the outstanding items through dashboard that are assigned to me or initiated by me.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some key questions you may have regarding HCSS Quality or HCSS.

How does HCSS Quality help my company become ‘Quality-centric’?

HCSS Quality provides a systematic approach to effectively manage the job quality.. Based on the job type, relevant components of a QC plan (material control, inspection plan) can be created from templates, which can then be customized based on the specific job needs. The consistency of applying Quality Control to each job helps promote the quality culture and to become a ‘ Quality-centric’ organization.

How does HCSS Quality improve Material Control?

Based on the work type and specific activity / cost code, the appropriate Material Control information can be defined using the template library. This includes but not limited to Material Categories & Types, applicable Quality Characteristics, Testing Methods, Test frequency, sampling info and so on. For each Quality Characteristic, the testing schedule can be defined and assigned to internal / external entities. The test results can be electronically captured and stored – in case the test results require further actions, a corrective action can be initiated from the test report and assigned to relevant person. This way, the entire Material Control process is executed by the system in an effective and efficient manner.

How does HCSS Quality improve workmanship and minimize rework?

Inspection Requirement can be determined before the start of a construction activity, a detailed inspection plan can be setup and assigned to internal crew or external staff (subs). The inspection forms (or checklists) are filled using the field app (similar to HCSS Safety Inspections) and sent over to HCSS Quality (web-based) for further review and actions. The inspection forms are stored in libraries and can be used across multiple jobs. The inspection control and monitoring through the system will ensure compliance to standards and specifications of workmanship, thus avoiding rework or deficiencies at a later stage.

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