Advantages of HCSS Aerial

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Construction drone technologies are opening new possibilities to visualize and remotely manage jobsite planning and progress, and HCSS Aerial is at the forefront of that development. CIO Review recently named HCSS among the "Most Promising Construction Tech Providers'' because of HCSS Aerial

Simulate being at the job site

Estimators, project managers, equipment managers and safety managers gain unparalleled site-view access and analytics to visualize progress for the full project lifecycle from planning, through construction, to ongoing maintenance - all without having to physically travel to the jobsite. Planned HCSS integrations will allow mapping all HCSS geo-located data on 3-D maps.  An example of this would be foremen daily photographs.

Rapidly deliver high-value engineering analytics & reporting

Generate survey-grade models and maps, produce highly-accurate reporting, and provide visual documentation for project owners, managers, and subcontractors - in hours, not weeks. The combination of frequent drone flight 3-D maps and daily foremen photos means you can have documented pictures of anything on your jobsite that you want by location.

Hassle-free import and support of native design files

Easily upload all leading design file formats: DXF, DWG, DGN, and LandXML. Overlay designs against actuals to monitor progress and for quality assurance. No CAD experts, conversion tools, or extra data quality checks required.

Track material volumes & quantities

Use HCSS Aerial 3-D images, calculation functions, and analytics to track volumes and quantities. For example, to manage stockpiles of materials, like dirt or sand for an earthwork project, you can easily determine quantities on hand, used, and needed. Gauge the rate at which materials are used by automatically calculating the quantity change from flight to flight.

Powerful integrations with other HCSS solutions

In addition to delivering solid, drone-based analytics backed by our 24/7 Instant Support, planned two-way data integrations of HCSS Aerial with other HCSS products will provide advantages not easily matched by other drone technologies. HCSS will be mapping geo-located HCSS data on Aerial 3-D maps, but also bringing Aerial quantity data back into HeavyJob for easy use by foremen, superintendents, project managers, etc.  Soon Aerial quantity data will easily come back into HCSS HeavyBid estimating software.

Like all HCSS Products, we support it with our 24/7 instant support.  To request a demo or learn more contact sales at 1-866-522-6359 or click below. If you want to know more about where our drone software is going, contact JP Giometti, HCSS Aerial product development lead at