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What is HCSS Skills?

HCSS Skills allows you view, track, and manage all employee skills and certifications in one place to easily select the right employee for the job and ensure their certifications and trainings are up to date.
HCSS Skills - Dashboard

Employee Skills and Certifications Tracking Tool

Manage your employees’ skill development and certification requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Easily track the skills and certifications that are important to you.
  • Know which employees are qualified to perform certain tasks or run certain types of equipment.
  • Set your own alerts schedules to help you stay on top of trainings and recertifications.
  • Reduce the need for paperwork, laminated cards, or phone calls to the office for skills and certifications confirmation.
  • HCSS Skills is complimentary with the purchase of HeavyJob, HCSS Safety, Equipment360, HCSS Dispatcher, or HCSS Fleet Management.

NETWORK OPTIONS   |   Connected or disconnected (works anywhere you are)

Why You Need HCSS Skills

HCSS Skills allows you to easily stay on top of all of your employees’ trainings and certifications to ensure they’re never caught on a job or performing a task they shouldn’t be.
HCSS Skills - Tablet

Electronic Access

Manage certifications, completed trainings, OSHA certifications, equipment skills and licenses, and job requirements in one place.

Easy to Use

Yellow highlights mean a skill is expiring, and red means it’s already past-due, to let you know who should renew their training ahead of time.

Keep Your Crew Updated

Meet safety and legal requirements and avoid unnecessary fines and downtime by knowing who is authorized to do the job.

How Companies Use HCSS Skills

Manage Your Team

Schedule crew trainings and renewals more efficiently, and spot high-performance employees.

Create a Training Plan

Centralize and formalize training to ensure that all employees are up to date and certified to work at all times.

Cover Yourself

Use reports and data as evidence in case of insurance or liability issues.
HCSS Skills - iPad

Where HCSS Skills Fits In

HCSS Dispatcher

Know which employees are certified to do the work to make scheduling and dispatching more efficient.

HCSS Safety

Keep your training schedule up to date and ensure your employees are working safety and legally to meet all regulations and requirements.


See all employee skills and certifications at a glance to know which employees can do the job.


See which mechanics are certified to work on a certain piece of equipment to improve work order scheduling.

Next Steps

Like what you see so far? Take the next step toward going completely paperless.

Already an HCSS Customer?

If you already own HeavyJob, HCSS Safety, Equipment360, or HCSS Dispatcher, ask your HCSS administrator to add HCSS Skills through the Credentials portal.

In the meantime…

HCSS Skills is a free product, so ask your sales rep about it during your conversations about HeavyJob, HCSS Safety, Equipment360, or HCSS Dispatcher.