Bring together your shop, field, and office.

Equipment Managers

Everything you need to know about heavy equipment maintenance, at your fingertips.

PM Alerts

  • Preventative maintenance schedules customized for your equipment.
  • Generate alerts from automated telematics meter readings or manually recorded hours.
  • Easily convert a PM alert to a work order.

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Work Orders

  • Digital mechanic schedule to easily balance workloads and assign based on skills.
  • Review completed work, notes, images, parts and labor before approving.
  • Quickly add or convert backlog items and upcoming PMs to work orders.

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Time Cards

  • Review, edit and approve from anywhere.
  • Track and manage overtime, travel time, and double time.
  • Charge to cost codes, assign damages to job, and edit notes.
  • Charge to cost codes, assign damages to job, edit notes and override onsite pay class.

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Explore More Heavy Equipment Maintenance
Management Software Features

Instant Maintenance Requests

  • Anyone in the field can submit detailed requests with photos for free.
  • Minimize equipment downtime with instant alerts to the shop.
  • Convert detailed requests to work orders and assign to mechanic from anywhere.

Heavy Equipment Fleet Utilization

  • Identify “problem children” by comparing asset utilization to historical averages.
  • Quickly spot equipment approaching its expected lifespan.
  • Generate reports on demand to show equipment costs and performance.

Parts Inventory Management

  • Set alerts when quantity drops below a certain number.
  • Bulk import vendor information for commonly ordered parts.
  • Receive alerts on work orders when waiting on a part.

Telematics Integration

  • Accurate, real-time meter readings drive precise preventative maintenance.
  • View locations of equipment with open work orders to map efficient mechanic travel.
  • Fault codes generate immediate alerts to the shop for repair.

Safety Inspections Integration

  • Failed inspection items, including notes and photos, become alerts to the shop.
  • View and add reported inspection issues to a work order in seconds.
  • Closed work order automatically updates status to “corrected” and includes repair details to close the loop.

Owners & Executives

Better, more granular data to manage your equipment and shop costs.


  • Ensure you save $11 for every $1 spent on preventative maintenance program.
  • Items under warranty are flagged BEFORE work is done and proof of maintenance records is at your fingertips.
  • Reduce downtime and improve communication with instant maintenance requests and inspection alerts from the field to the shop.

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Cost Tracking

  • Transform the shop from a “black hole” to “all-knowing” with detailed item codes tracking costs down to the penny.
  • Historical equipment costs drive budgets for future work and give you a snapshot of costs to-date on specific assets or your entire fleet.
  • Access custom asset reports in minutes without the need to cobble together reports across multiple software systems.

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Asset Management

  • 30,000 foot view of your fleet with easy-to-spot trends around utilization, life expectancy and equipment costs.
  • Compare performance of individual pieces across an asset class to identify your “work horses” and your “problem children”.
  • View costs-to-date vs. depreciation to determine the sweet spot for selling off pieces of equipment.

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Another tool in your tool belt to get the job done right.

Mobile Access

  • Take your filing cabinet along wherever you go with access to complete equipment histories and all your assigned work orders – even without internet.
  • Submit time cards from your truck at the end of the day, saving a drive back to the office.
  • View equipment locations and open work orders to knock-out nearby work or plan your route efficiently for the day.

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Work Orders

  • View name of previous mechanic in equipment history in the case of questions/concerns on past work.
  • Equipment history and work order details like photos tell you everything you need to know to get the job done.
  • Balanced work orders so you don’t get overloaded or get assigned work that’s not in your wheelhouse.

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Time Cards

  • Submit time card in 1/3rd of the time, including details like overtime, damage-related repair hours and item codes.
  • Get approval of time cards quicker with less back-and-forth.
  • Notification with clear reasoning for any rejected time cards allow you to make quick revisions and resubmit.

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Shop and equipment costs that fit seamlessly into your workflow, including AP.

Accounting Software Compatibility

  • Exports to accounting systems & ERPs, reducing double-entry time and frustration.
  • Customized work and item codes to match your current system.
  • Option to automatically  sync up equipment lists with your current accounting system.

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Cost Management

  • Track costs all the way down to the penny, instead of just a line total for the shop.
  • Better forecasting using budgets based on past equipment costs.
  • Utilize historical parts info to plan more turnovers and drive down inventory costs.

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Asset Management

  • Data and reports easily generated by the shop, reducing frequency of requests to accounting until closer to purchasing or selling the asset.
  • Catch underutilized assets sooner to improve performance of the fleet and increase the bottom line.
  • Previous and predicted operating expenses shown against your depreciation line to identify optimal time to rebuild or replace.

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