Smart Drone Software for Your Job Sites

Optimize project execution and profitability with data-driven insight through construction drone mapping and reporting software.

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Built To Perform

With the ability of capturing volume measurements, visual inspections, progress analytics, and digital documentation Aerial works to make day to day life easier.

Built for Speed

Get reports in hours, not weeks. Real time data with visuals allows keeping customers in the loop with constant reporting.

Visualize Progress

Easily track execution progress overtime with the ability to compare digital twin models of your job site from different dates.

Track Volumes & Quantities

Use volumetric calculations and analysis as progress indicators of your project. Track earthwork quantities more accurately to avoid making mistakes like underestimating or overestimating material and cut vs fill.

Full Control of Job Sites

Have the ability to control many job sites all in one platform.

Identify Safety Concerns

Get exact, on-demand access of the data needed to ensure a safe work environment for everyone. Aerial guarantees workers safety isn’t compromised by last-minute changes or unexpected surprises.

Job Site Mapping & Data Visualization

Drone software for construction is accelerating rapidly. Drones allow key stakeholders to visualize and analyze the progress of construction phases to keep projects on track so there are fewer inconsistencies between model renders of a job site and actual work completed.

The construction data collected allows them to pivot where necessary and make cost- and time-saving decisions in a timely manner. See a few of the advantages of incorporating this new drone technology into your workflow today.

Automate and digitize the full project lifecycle.

Streamline data collection from the field and automatically generate computerized engineering data and continuous digital project documentation.

Support multidimensional project management.

Enable comprehensive project management control, including comparisons with design, schedule and material, based on wide range of multi-dimensional process analyses.

Rapidly deliver high value engineering and managerial analytics.

Automatically generate accurate engineering data and process analytics for hands-on project management, with reports available within 24 hours.

Easily combine with existing construction project process.

This non-intrusive end-to-end solution is easy to use and hassle-free for swift adoption by your team and fast time-to-value.

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