COVID Work-From-Home Experiment with Twins

Working during Covid

Like many of you, my experience over the past year of COVID was marked by the phrase “work-from-home.” As a leadership team, we decided to offer flexibility to our staff: work from the office, work from home, do a little of both - your choice.

I’ve heard a number of good things from our employees who consistently work from home. They enjoy having no commute and getting to spend more time with their families. They feel just as productive and seem that way to me too. Many wonder “can we do this forever?” But my concern has been for our new employees. Can they understand the culture and thrive working from home? How will this impact their ability to feel connected? In what manner can they start learning more about things other than their direct work so they can grow within the company? Are they making friends? And, especially for those who live alone, how is their mental health?

I have identical twin sons who both graduated from college in 2020 and are now in the workforce. One is safely working with others in an office. The other is safely working from home. But I see a stark difference between their level of connection to their companies and their co-workers. The amount of friendship they’ve made at work. No surprise, the advantage is with the team in the office.

Satisfaction is more than just “getting the job done.” Which of the 2 situations have produced the most satisfied employee and is likely to create more loyalty to and excitement for their respective companies?

Ultimately, we all have some big choices to make when it comes to our company cultures. My family gives me insight, just as my own personal experience at HCSS and my conversations with companies like yours do. If you have thoughts - email me at I’d love to hear from you!