What are HCSS Mobile Apps?

It’s HCSS in the palm of your hands. We’re talking fully integrated construction apps that handle real work. From estimating to field entry, now you can stay even more efficient and productive, no matter where you are.

Whether you have an iPhone®, iPad®, or an Android™ device, these apps were made for you.

Flexible technology | Integrates with Accounting | Designed for Construction | Connectivity Not Required

HeavyBid Mobile

Away from your computer and need to get some estimating done? Now you can do it anywhere, anytime. Complete simple estimates or change orders on-site to give to owners.

Estimate on a tablet instead of a laptop.

Fast. Simple. Intuitive. HeavyBid Mobile gives you the power to estimate small jobs on the convenience of your tablet. It’s designed to take advantage of your iPad’s best features, including its touch screen and camera, as well as integrate with its email and mapping apps.

Perform simple mobile and field estimating.

HeavyBid Mobile is perfect for field estimators, such as asphalt salesmen and project managers. Quickly create and cost estimate biditems, mark-up and price the job, and create a bid proposal. You can even have owners or clients sign off on estimates and instantly email them the final, signed bid proposal. Best of all, you can sync HeavyBid Mobile with your main HeavyBid system to store all your mobile jobs with the rest of your estimates. It’s all about simplicity.

Learn more about HeavyBid Mobile.

HeavyJob Mobile

While HeavyJob helps organizations streamline their processes by eliminating manual procedures, receiving immediate feedback against the budget, and reducing duplicate entry, the HCSS field apps make these processes even more efficient and effective. With a smartphone or tablet, recording entries from the field is now easier than ever.

Record time cards.

Record a whole time card — employee and equipment hours as well as production quantities — with just a few touches on an iPad or Android tablet. You can even copy time cards and record overtime and resource notes. Recording a time card is just as easy as it is in HeavyJob.

Attach and send photos.

Tired of fumbling with cameras and memory cards to capture and send photos from the field? Now you can use your smartphone or tablet to quickly snap photos and send them to the office.

Record diary entries.

Forgot to note something in the diary? No need to run back to your computer. Simply type and send it from your smartphone or tablet so nothing is missed.

Learn more about HeavyJob Mobile or Download the HeavyJob Mobile App Demo

Equipment360 Mobile Mechanic

With the Mobile Mechanic field-entry system, your mechanic will be able to easily interact with work orders and enter items such as time, parts information, service readings, notes, and even view documents or attachments all at once.

Detailed equipment history.

Get access to a detailed history of every piece of equipment, such as:

  • Work orders
  • Accessory information
  • Attachment information
  • Reference parts list
  • Utilization history
  • Active warranties
  • and more…

Automatic time cards.

With automatic time cards you can instantly build your mechanic’s time card every day to streamline the review and submission process.

Learn more about Equipment360 and Mobile Mechanic or Download the Mobile Mechanic App Demo

FuelerPlus Mobile

Managing fuel consumption can be a challenge. This difficulty is often due to the number of different systems you use to capture different fuel data. With FuelerPlus, all your data is gathered from the different systems you use, and delivered in an easy-to-use format. FuelerPlus can capture everything from your fuelers, including topping off fluids and servicing your equipment.

Track your Fueler’s activities.

FuelerPlus mobile will allow you to capture each of your fueler’s activities such as:

  • Amount of fluid dispensed
  • Repairs
  • Meter readings
  • Duration on the job
  • and more…

Reduce paper tickets and dual entry.

Mobile integration allows your foreman to enter in all of their fuel tickets and tracking information from the field through an easy-to-use mobile system.

Learn more about FuelerPlus & FuelerPlus Mobile or Download the FuelerPlus Mobile Demo

HCSS Safety for Mobile

HCSS Safety allows you to formalize your safety program through the ability to track and monitor the progress of your employees, environment, and job site compliance.

Run effective safety meetings.

Foremen have over 500 pre-loaded tool box talks in the Field Manager.

Simple mobile data entry.

Foremen can quickly record information such as meetings, inspections, and near misses all from the field.

Access to skills and certifications.

Through the Field Manager, you have access to all of your crew and equipment certifications, skills, and assignments that allow you easy access to documentation on-site when asked by regulators.

Integration with HeavyJob

The Safety Field Manager integrates with HeavyJob so you can access all of your field operations in one place to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Learn more about the HCSS Safety Field Manager or Download the Safety Manager Mobile Demo

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